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Incorporation of The Fund Management Company

company formation in dubai

Dubai is the economic hub of UAE. It was established by the investment funds of the world and all such efforts made Dubai one of the best places in the world. A number of businesses can be incorporated in Dubai, UAE. One of the key reasons why people are looking forward to the business setup in Dubai is tax exemptions. Yes, this is not all. There are a huge number of other benefits as well.

As Dubai established on the global funds, it is evident that a lot of foreign businesses are operating in here. These businesses are helping Dubai in increasing its economy and establishing it. Dubai is a great economic hub and is helping a lot of businesses registering here while increasing Dubai’s economy.

Because of the huge number of foreign investors in Dubai, an investment fund is being created for providing more benefit to Dubai by different incentives. Legal consultants are offering information regarding legislation which is related to the investment fund establishment.


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Investment Activities

One of the most favourable types of economic activity in Dubai is that of investment activity. A lot of companies are doing that too in order to increase their worth.

For foreign investments, the companies can become shareholders in the onshore companies based in UAE. Companies can also register in the free trade zones and carry out their practices.

Types of Investment Funds in Dubai

The main law which is helping in the fund creation is Collective Investment Fund Regime in Dubai International Financial Centre. Dubai International Financial Centre authority basically takes into consideration the following types of funds;

  • Local and Domestic funds
  • External funds
  • Foreign funds.


Further Division of Local Funds Is as Follows;

  • Public funds
  • Exempt funds
  • Qualified investors funds

For the sake of managing the funds, an administrator must be appointed. For this purpose, a draft of prospectus should be prepared and filed for the approval of Financial Authority in Dubai.

If you get the help from our legal consultants in UAE, you will be able to get additional information about the types of firms that are mentioned above.


Register an Investment Fund in Dubai

For the sake of investment fund, the preparation, filing and the approval of the prospectus is important. If the steps are not carried out carefully, the fund establishment will not be executed properly. Before carrying out these steps, first of all, the type of investment setup should be selected and registered by the investor for the administration of the fund.

Types of investment setups which can be recognized by the authorities are;

  • Investment company
  • Investment trust
  • Investment partnership

If the above-mentioned entities are registered with the Dubai Economic Development Board, they will be recognized by the authorities otherwise not.


Objectives of different investment companies

  • Investment in different companies of own funds
  • Managing the family assets
  • Investing in the real estate in UAE as well as abroad
  • Raising funds by investors
  • Purchase of shares in UAE and abroad based companies
  • Investment scheme preparation

Fulfil the requirements as per the need of the company type. Different company’s formation may require different procedures. So, make sure that you meet all the basic requirements for your company setup in Dubai to provide your services.


The amount required for the business setup Dubai of an investment fund

The minimum amount that is required in order to start an investment fund is 1 million USD. Another important thing that should be there in the investment fund is the presence of 50 qualified investors. The number of investors is also important for the setup company in Dubai of an investment fund in Dubai. For more information and legal knowledge, count on FAR Consulting. This way you will be able to learn about the ifs and buts f setting up such a business. This may take some of your time but it will be worth it for sure. If you get such knowledge prior to starting the business set up, you will get saved from a number of hurdles. if not, hire the legal consultants to work for the business management and set up.

Starting a business set up may feel a little difficult in the start but if you take the help of right people at the right time, a lot of difficulties may change into ease in no time. This is what intelligent people do.


Business setup consultants in Dubai

Contact FAR consulting Middle East for getting all the information regarding the establishment of investment funds. It is as exciting as it could be. So, please contact us for complete guidance on the subject. Furthermore, our legal consulting agents in Dubai are very experiences regarding the company formation in Dubai procedure and much more. Note that different company types need different procedures to be fulfilled. Do not forget to ask about your specific company and its requirements for a successful business set up.