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How to Obtain an Import/Export License in Dubai 2020?

How to Obtain an Import/Export License in Dubai 2020?

Import/Export Business in Dubai

Read our guidelines to easily obtain import or export license in Dubai to continue and flourish your business. It is mandatory to obtain an import or export license from the customs office to run your business in a legitimate way in Dubai.

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UAE has been successful in positioning itself as a hub for international trade. The strategic location serves its import and export industry on an increasingly large scale. To set up an import and export business in Dubai the person has to apply for a license from the customs office in Dubai. Al the goods exported and imported shall be pass through the customs office. The procedure to get import and export license is explained below.

Export License

An export is any good or commodity, transported from one country to another in a legal manner typically for use in trade. To start a business in Dubai, one needs to have a license approved by the ministry. Exert license in Dubai is required when you want to trade in goods or services produced locally in some other country or among the free trade zones of UAE.

Note: If the goods are exported to any free trade zone in UAE, they are not subject to pay any customs duty

Procedure for Export License

To export goods from Dubai a businessman needs to follow these steps.

Submit the documents required at the customs office. The documents such as

  • The company must get an approved export declaration from licensing agency or the Instructions of the Declaration of Goods Application (IDG) as it is mandatory during customs point of entry at the airport.
  • In case if the commodity exported falls in the restricted list, the exporter should have a permit from the regulatory agencies.
  • An invoice addressing the description of goods, quantity, and value of each item is required from the company. An invoice should be given to the company outside the UAE.

Payment of fees: Declaration registration fee for export must be paid at the customs office

Issuing of certificate: once the payment is completed the customs declaration certificate is issued by the office

Temporary Export

Temporary export is done when the goods are transported to a certain location for the interim period and are returned post usage in the exact same condition.

Some of the documents required for a temporary export business transaction are as follows:

  • Clearance declaration for goods from the authorities
  • Commercial invoice
  • Packing list with HS codes
  • An export permit from the competent agencies in the event of exporting restricted goods. (original)
  • A letter requesting temporary export from the company.

Import License

Import license help to get the commodities into UAE from other countries or from one of the free trade zones of the emirates or into a free trade zone form mainland of UAE after fulfilling the legal obligation by in terms of licensing and documents as well as permission.

Procedure for Import License

  • Submit the bill of lading and pay dues to shipping agent once the vessels which the shipping agent will issue a delivery order.
  • The cargo clearance formalities could be completed before the expiry date of a delivery order. The shipping agent will issue the delivery order 3 – 4 days prior to the arrival of the vessel.
  • Submitting the import declaration application online by logging in to Dubai trade. The importer shall make payment duties and other fees online. The customs import declaration certificate can be issued.
  • Dubai customs will analyze and authenticate the documents and may inspect goods before giving the possession of cargo to the importer.
  • After the container is discharged, the importer can appoint a transport company to receive delivery of commodities.
  • As per the customs import declaration, if any I section is required then the container will be taken to the inspection area of the competent authority and only after getting the inspection clearance, the container will exit.

Documents Required for Import License

  • Invoice mentioning the total description of goods and value e of each item addressed to the importer
  • Certificate of origin of goods approved by the country of origins chamber of commerce. A detailed document mentioning the weight of each product in the container packaging and HS code for all the items
  • Import permit from the competent authority if the importer in importing restricted goods or duty exempted goods.

Business Setup Services in UAE

Dubai export and import business are lately seeing a gradual rise. If you want to start an export and import business in Dubai it is very important to have a deep knowledge of customs laws and procedures. To ensure that all you have the right kind of information contact Far consultancy middle east and they can help you understand the procedures to obtain a license in UAE. Contact us of r further information.

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What is export and import license?

An import and export license is mandated by various federal agencies and it identifies what products are shipped or delivered between international location.

What does Dubai export the most?

Crude and refined petroleum is the most exported commodity o the UAE.