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Setting Up an office for an International NGO in Dubai Humanitarian City

Setting up NGO in Dubai Humanitarian City

International Humanitarian City (IHC)

International Humanitarian City is the world’s largest mean of aid. It has basically been designed in order to help the people who become the victim of a different crisis. 63 humanitarian organizations and agencies along with 18 commercial entities are members of IHC since it was founded in 2003.

International Humanitarian City in Dubai has some of the biggest aid organizations in the world. It is positioning itself to be the disaster first-response hub all around the globe.

IHC is actually a freelance authority in Dubai which offers the licenses to those non-profit organizations which are based on international levels. Other commercial companies and their subsidiaries are also a major part of it.


Prime Location

The International Humanitarian City (IHC) is the hub for the distribution of humanitarian aid. It hosts nine United Nations agencies and more than 50 NGOs along with commercial entities. All of them are delivering aid both in crises and for supporting long-term economic development.

It is located at a very convenient place i.e.; crossroad between East, West, North, and South. This makes it respond to disaster calls swiftly. The flight time to major crisis-prone areas is just 7 hours. It is also competent for 10-minute sea-to-air logistics.


Eligibility criteria for a Humanitarian Organization License:

Every Non-Governmental, Governmental, International or Non-Profit Organization who wants to apply for an IHC Humanitarian Organization License should get registered legally and validly both outside and inside the UAE.


Eligibility criteria for a Commercial Entity License:

Commercial Companies who want to apply for an IHC Commercial Entity License should either have a registered Commercial Company or must be pursuant to IHC FZLLC Special Regulations


1.    Licensing Conditions

Any company who wishes to hold an IHC License should complete the application for licensing, satisfy the required criteria and hold a valid Lease as well.

complete the application for licensing

Any Company wishing to hold an IHC License should complete the required application along with submitting the required documents.


2.    Satisfy the required criteria

Criteria to obtain a Humanitarian Organization License for the branch;

·         One should provide proof of the international presence

·         One should not conduct any activity in the UAE

·         Should be impartial, independent and neutral in delivering humanitarian assistance irrespective of caste, color, creed, religion, etc.


Criteria to obtain a Commercial Entity License

·         One should provide evidence for the business activities they want to carry out.


3.    Holding a Valid Lease

·         One must execute a valid Lease and comply with all rules and regulations for each lease.

·         One must not share any property in the free zone

·         One must vacate the property fully after the termination or expiration of the lease.

·         One may rent the storage area in the UAE outside the free zone after obtaining the written consent from the authorities.


Benefits of business formation in International Humanitarian City (IHC)

Here are some of the benefits in Dubai International Humanitarian City (IHC)


100% ownership

Foreign business can get 100% ownership in Dubai free zones. Forming the business in the mainland may be a little different than this as you may need a local sponsor to have a 51% share in your business.



Getting the most convenient location is the dream of a lot of companies. IHC provides you with that for sure. You get the best location for your business set up while helping you to provide your aid in very less time to the needy areas.


Tax immunity

Tax exemption may make the free zone based company immune of all the taxes including Value Added Tax. So, there won’t be any burden on the shoulders of the businesses who establish themselves in Dubai based free zones.

Full repatriation of capital and profits, free will of funds transfer as well as full import-export duties exemption are also some of the benefits associated with Dubai Humanitarian City


The time required for the business set up

It may only take 2 to 4 weeks for the processing of your business set up in international humanitarian city


Documents Required for obtaining a license

•    Passport copies of the company’s shareholders

•    Manager’s passport copies

•    Manager’s CV

•    Personal information of the shareholders

•    Personal information of the manager

•    Trade name reservation proof

•    Initial approval proof

•    Notarized Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA)

•    Attested and notarized Power of Attorney

•    Lease agreement of the company which shows the physical presence of the business

•    Minimum capital as required

So, keep in mind all the requirements and go for company formation in Dubai without any stress.


Business setup Consultants

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