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6 Benefits of Business Setup in Dubai industrial city

benefits of business setup in DIC

Dubai Industrial City is a free zone made to cater the needs of Dubai’s manufacturing sector.  Dubai industrial city is designed to accommodate the necessities of its residents and strives to provide all the necessary support for companies to operate at optimal capacity and be able to meet future expansion.

This free zone is driven towards providing the best location and cost-effective solutions to resident industries. This Dubai free zone works for the manufacturing sector. Companies in Dubai Industrial city enjoys following benefits

  1. Quick and easy procedure for business setup

Business registration process for this free zone is simple and straight forward registration process and requires a number of documents to process licenses and ensure proper compliance as per the UAE laws. The registration process includes:

  •   The trade name reservation
  •   Rent office premises
  •   Get a bank account
  •  Secure appropriate license
  1. Availability of business facilities:

Dubai industrial city have full-fledged business facilities and infrastructure with an efficient communication system an provide a constructive business platform for various business to grow.

Advanced IT infrastructure: Dubai industry city offers top notch IT infrastructure that allows an organization to deliver IT solutions and services to its employees, partners or customers. DIC also known to have world’s largest IT telephonic network.

  1. 100% foreign ownership

  • Repatriation of profits and capital: this free zone allow foreign investors to transfer corporate money back to their home country from UAE.
  • Foreign ownership: A foreign investor can fully own the business without requirement of local partner.
  1. Availability of various business clusters

Availability of various business clusters, including some of the biggest companies. Business clusters in Dubai industrial city is divided into different zones like

  • Zone 1: Food and Beverages
  • Zone 2: Transport Equipment and Parts
  • Zone 3: Machinery and Equipment
  • Zone 4: Mineral Products
  • Zone 5: Healthcare
  • Zone 6: Chemicals

Strategic location: Dubai industrial city offer the benefit of being located next to ports, airports or highways is especially beneficial for an efficient and timely transport.

Easy recruitment procedures: we can find inexpensive workforce in these regions. The requirement process and labor laws are very much favorable for both the recruiter and the workforce.

  1. Visa benefits

  • Easy to sponsor family: Dubai Industrial city helps entrepreneurs and investors set up their business, it also helps them sponsor family and employees for residence visa.
  • Multiple Visa options: Dubai industrial city offers multiple visa options for shareholders
  1. Different trade Licenses offered

DIC offers different types of licenses in according to their business activity are:

  • Trading license: activities like buying and selling of goods storage and all other activities can be legally cared out by obtaining a trading license.
  • Service license: firms dealing with services like accounting and suiting, consulting other professional services have a service license to operate in DIC.
  • Industrial license: One of the most prominent and common opted licenses in Dubai industrial city is the industrial license which authorizes the owner to carry out manufacturing activities.
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Business Setup Consultants in UAE

Dubai industrial city is one of the most cost effective and efficient spots for business set up in Dubai for manufacturing companies. FAR Consulting Middle East will assist you in business set up in Dubai Industrial City. We provide comprehensive services to our clients and help them build their business foundation. For further details regarding business set up in DIC do contact us as we would be glad to assist you.