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How to Setup Business in Fujairah Creative City?

business setup in fujairah creative city

Business set up in creative City Free Zone, UAE is one of the most progressive free zones that offer business setup solutions for creative entrepreneurs from all around the world. Fujairah creative city have played a significant role in inviting business and entrepreneurs to invest in media clusters already existing in the region. Creative City is a new media innovation and an addition to the media-hubs in the region after Dubai Media City.

Steps for Business Setup in Fujairah Creative City

Below mentioned are the basic steps for business setup in Fujairah creative city

  • Step 1 Choosing a business activity

The type of business activity will determine the kind of license to acquire. UAE government has mentioned a list of activities to start a business. Each activity has its own approval and formalities.

  • Step 2 Deciding type of legal entity:

each entity has its own restrictions regarding the company structure. The types of entities set up in Fujairah creative city are

  1. Free Zone Establishment (Single Shareholder)
  2. Free Zone Company (Multiple Shareholders)
  3. Branch of a foreign company
  • Step 3 Finalize your company name

While you are deciding upon the type of business activity it is very important to decide a trade name. The investors have to check with the respective free zone authority or the respective with the department about the permitted trade names and whether the intended name has already been registered.

  • Step 4 Apply for license

After finalizing the company name and arranging all the important documents a person is required to apply for license depending on the activity carried out below mentioned are some of the licenses offered by Fujairah creative city

  1. Commercial License – Single Owner
  2. Commercial License – Multiple Owners
  3. Freelancer permit
  4. Baby Business permit: Baby Business license is designed for small businesses to benefit from an easy company set-up process with minimized overhead costs.
  • Step 5 Initial approval

An initial approval a certificate is necessary to continue the business licensing formalities that permit a foreign national to conduct business in this creative city.

  • Step 6 submit your application

arrange all the approved documents and the legal docents related to the company and submit all the required documents to the relevant authority.

  • Step 7 license process

If all the documents submitted are verified the required authority will issue license and start visa processing. additionally, the investor may also proceed to open a bank account. For distance in opening bank account you can contact business setup consultants for a hassles free process.

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Activities Allowed in Fujairah Free Zone:

Various types of activates allowed in Fujairah creative city are

  • Publishing
  • Production/Post-Production/Filming
  • entertainment and Media Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Consultancy
  • Broadcasting

Benefits Offered by Fujairah Creative City

If an investor is considering to set a business in Fujairah free zone then below are some outstanding benefits Creative City Fujairah is famous for:

  • Multiple visas: Business owners can apply for multiple visas without a need of buying or leasing a physical work space in this zone. This can be availed by baby business package available at creative city.
  • Flexi desk option: aside from multiple visa option, creative city also gives business free hand to operate without the need of physical office presence. Though freelance and single owner packages entrepreneurs can set and run their companies in the fast lane with minimum startup cost and zero requirement of brick and mortar presence.
  • No required: creative city of Fujairah is popular option for new companies as business owner are exempted from providing the no objection from local sponsor.
  • Internet friendly: in order to setup business license for ecommerce-based internet business here at Fujairah creative city offers cost effective packages for online business in the industry.
  • Flexible business activity: being sector specific free zone business of wide array of creative fields are highly welcomed and incentivized for third growth this facilitates sharing of knowledge resources and skills within the zone.

Business Setup Services in Fujairah Free Zone

If you are satisfied with the benefits offered by this free zone, you might require a business consultant who is well versed with the framework on establishing a business in this creative city. We at FAR Consulting Middle East are here to help you set your business in Fujairah free zone, contact us for further consultation.