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10 Years Residency Visas for Investors, Professionals

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Changes in the UAE Visa System are One Its Way

On the 20th of May 2018, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai chaired a cabinet meeting that discussed important things which solely focused on the visa system of the country.

Afterward, an announcement was released by His Highness Sheikh MohammAfterwardhid Al Maktoum himself. This is expected to have the number of investors coming to the UAE to increase even more as the new visa system caters to professionals and investors, including students as well.

With this new change, the economic competitiveness of the UAE will stay in its continuous path in soaring globally with changes that pave the way in order to help not just the country but its residents as well.

The changes that were discussed at the cabinet meeting and released to the public are going to be implemented by the end of the year 2018, welcoming 2019 with a fresh start and new beginnings.

What is a Residency Visa?

Visa is basically the key to enter and even stay in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). There are different kinds of visas that can be obtained in the country: tourist visa, employment visa, student visa, residence visa, etc.

A residency visa ensures that you get to stay longer than three months (which is the case for visit visas). A residence visa is one of the first things that should be obtained by anyone who wishes to stay in the UAE and conduct a business.

Alterations with the Residency Visas

The government hopes for the UAE to continue in its goal to be a competitive country with a rising economy. It is also its goal to be home to international brilliant talents that can be a factor for investors to come in see the good investment that can be found in the UAE because of the business opportunities found here.

The environment that the UAE has been developing is an open one that invites people to come over and see beyond infrastructures, architecture, and such. UAE is full of tolerant values with legal frameworks that investors would see as a benefit to them.

The government has, therefore, decided to make some changes in the UAE visa system. It is expected to bring in more investors and encourage professionals to find their new homes in the UAE.

10-year Residency Visa for Professionals

With the implementation that will happen by the end of 2018, professional workers (such as those who are specializing in the field of science, medicine, research, and technical fields) will be given the entitlement of getting a visa that will last for up to 10 years. This means that engineers, doctors, and other professionals, along with their families, are eligible to have this kind of visa.

Investors are also given the chance to avail this long-term-stay visa. There is also a possibility for ex-pats to have 100% foreign ownership of their business instead of having to look for a local sponsor.

Residency visa for Students

The changes in the visa system of the UAE do not only benefit the investors and professionals but also students as well who are studying in the UAE. They are given the opportunity to not simply have a one-year visa, which they would need to renew every year, but to have a five- or ten-year visa extension.

The advantages are they can save up when it comes to their financial side, and they will have the chance to look for a job before their visa expires.

The information that is released is that students in UAE can get a five-year residency visa, and other students who are considered to be exceptional ones are given the chance to get a 10-year visa.

PRO Visa Services in Dubai

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