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UAE Gears up Ahead of Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai expo 2020

Expo 2020 Dubai aims to host a spectacular mega event to impress the world. This long-term investment will significantly boost the UAE economy, helping to promote business setup in Dubai and job creation for many years.

Expo 2020 is all scheduled to showcase the best the world has to offer in business technology, intellectual development, infrastructure innovation and more.

What are the Current Projects of Dubai?

The current projects that Dubai bags on are:

  • The happiness projects

Dubai happiness agenda in making Dubai the happiest city in the world. Under this Smart initiative, the government has created a Happiness Index, adopting a science-based approach to measuring, improving and sustaining happiness for the whole city.

Dubai happiness agenda has 16 programs under four themes that sums up 82 projects to be set in the city with an aim to make the city the happiest for 2020.

According to international monetary fund Dubai will have a growth in the GDP and is predicted is not be affected with the economic slowdown that has been afflicted in gulf per international monetary fund the Dubai will rise it’s the economy of 2020 and over come the downfall in oil prices.

  • Expo 2020 to witness world largest solar projects

The ever-growing infrastructure in the city is equally participating in its share of environment friendly projects. The Dubai water and electricity authority has taken oscula responsibility a planned to startup a concentrated soar energy project that will produce 1000mw of power.

  • Dubai smart city

District of 2020 will be smarter tech with the launch world largest 5 g mobile networks which will provide the fastest wireless connection ever.

  • Expo 2020 encourages a boom in real estate

The real estate sector is, of course, flying high in this pre-opening phase, accounting for more contribution to economic activity up to October 2020. The view of Expo 2020 has changed every day as the remarkable buildings will grow before our eyes. New roads, bridges and the progress of the Route 2020 metro

  • Launch of district 2020

The transformation of the expo 2020 site into a district will leave a legacy that makes positive long-term economic contribution

Expo 2020 district will be an influencing area for business growth and an anchor for Dubai’s developing knowledge economy. It will diversify the UAE economy, stimulate investments and positively impact business generation, economic growth, not just in the UAE but across the entire region.

We have travelled a long way as a nation, from an economy once driven mainly by nomadic farming and date palm cultivation to major oil producer and exporter. Now we are in the next phase, and we at Expo 2020, by ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, are proud to be at its heart.