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Cost of Setting Up A Company in Abu Dhabi

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For the company setup and formation in Abu Dhabi, you first need to have a commercial license. One thing that you need to consider before starting your company in Abu Dhabi is that it would be quite different from that of your home country-based company. This is the reason why all the people who are into starting their own company in Abu Dhabi must first conduct proper research to understand all the legalities of the UAE. This might take some of your time, but it is very important for you to make the right decisions for your business, yourself, and your family.

What Should Be the First Question to Arise in Your Mind?

Structure of the company! Determining the structure of the company is very crucial for the sake of conducting planned activities in the company. There are other important functions too, but the company structure is important as the other functions would rely upon the structure of the company itself.

Onshore or Free Zone?

Initially, you need to decide whether you want to form your company in a free zone or on the mainland.

Six Free Zones to Choose from In Abu Dhabi

  • Masdar City Free Zone
  • Abu Dhabi Airport Business City
  • Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD)
  • Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM)

Every free zone in Abu Dhabi has its own important features which may make you form your company here.

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Free Zones and Abu Dhabi

There are a certain set of sectors which the free zones attract. All of this is from the provision of the best products and services. Furthermore, the free zone companies in Abu Dhabi are allowed to carry out their services right in the limitations of the free zone.

What Makes Free Zones Attractive to The People?

Free zones bring along a lot of benefits for the companies in the UAE. The free zones in Abu Dhabi have the following benefits:

  • Foreign ownership (100%)
  • Exemptions from income and corporate tax (100%)
  • Profit repatriation (100%)
  • Exemptions from custom duties
  • Independent regulations

With the benefits, there are some restrictions in the free zones as well. These may include:

  • Limited operating area
  • Engagement with a distributor for engaging with mainland clients
  • Duty charges applicable for exporting products to the mainland
  • Mainland license required for government tenders or contracts

Business set up in the UAE free zone is quite easy because it is quick and cheap. If you do not find a business setup easy, you can always ask the legal consultants in the UAE for help. They will surely provide better solutions to your problems. Business setup in kizad free zone

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Legal Structure of a Company

The legal structure of the company is the one on which all of your business activities will be dependent.

You can consider the three onshore structures for your company formation Abu Dhabi which are: Representative Office, Foreign Branch Office, and (Limited Liability Company)  LLC company formation in Abu Dhabi.

Legal Consultants and Sponsors

Engaging yourself with a local sponsor in Abu Dhabi is very important for your business setup in Abu Dhabi. This person will guide you through your path and will act as your agent.

Service Agent

The national service agent will be the one who sets up an office for the company. The service agents may also take visas liability. The national service agent might not have any hares in the company, but they may take a fee on an annual basis.


The local sponsor is the one who holds the 51 percent shares of the company

Cost of A Business SetUp in AbuDhabi

Cost of A Business to Set Up in The Free Zone

Different free zones have different setup costs as per the activities, location, and number of visas.

The business set up cost may include;

  • Registration Fee (to be paid only one time)
  • reservation fee for Name (to be paid only one time)
  • License Fee (Annual)
  • Share Capital
  • Annual rental for locations
  • Visa per person (each visa lasts for 3 years)

Cost of a business set up in Mainland

The structure, activity, number of visas, and premises will determine the cost of business setup in the UAE on the mainland.

  • Fee for Government and third party (Trade License fees, Notary fees, legal translations, typing centers, government department registrations – a mix of one time and annual fees)
  • Incorporation fees (documents submission, the arrangement of approvals and inspections – once)
  • Fees of Sponsor (annual basis)
  • Legal fees (to be paid only once)
  • Commercial premises fee (annual)
  • New company registration with Immigration and Ministry of Labor (one-off, with the renewal of Establishment card only, every three years)
  • Visa per person (lasts for almost 2 years)

Note that the share capital of AED150,000 is required for the business set up as a Limited Liability Company.

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