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Business setup in Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO)

Business setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis has received a substantial boost due to its dynamic commercial and social environment. Dubai Silicon Oasis is owned by the government which started its operation in 2004. It is considered as one of the world’s leading centers of advanced electronic innovation, design and development. The Mission of this free zone to promote modern technology-based industries, thus supporting the region’s demand for business expansion. The DSO facilities include:

  • Plug and play offices
  • Business support conference facilities
  • Stringent intellectual property laws
  • Stable and clear regulations
  • Access to a talented pool of technical and engineering professional

Licenses issued in Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO)

Choosing the right license that covers all the activities of the business is important. Those wishing to start a company in Dubai silicon oasis should choose the license depending on the kind of activity the business is expected to carry out.

Service license:

A service license is required for those investors who wish to operate a specific business in the Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Industrial license:

This is required for those who wish to carry out an industrial activity such as importing raw material, manufacturing, assembling, packing and exporting the finished products.

Trade license:

A trade license is required for those investors who wish to import and distribute the product as specified in the license.

Types of business setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis

Below mention are the most common type of entities operating in Dubai silicon oasis

Branch company:

This type of company in the UAE is most suitable for an organization that already exists outside Dubai. foreign company owners can set up a ranch in Dubai silicon oasis and benefit from the city dynamic business environment.

Free zone establishment:

Registering a company in Dubai silicon oasis as a free zone establishment is an ideal choice for those who wish to get registered as a single shareholder.

Free Zone Company:

free zone company is an entity with 2 to 5 shareholders (individual or corporates)

The process to business setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis:

The procedures for setting up in the jurisdiction of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority may comprise of six steps:

Step 1: Submit the application form

At this stage complete the application form for the chosen company and submit it with documents required to Dubai silicon authority

Step 2. documents pre-approval

Review of documents. initial approval and invoices are issued to clients

Step 3: Fee payment and legal document submission

payment related fees and submission of legal documents.

Step 4: issue agreement

This includes the lease agreement which will be sent to the registered email of the applicant.

Step 5: Sign agreement and free zones to submit share capital letter

clients to sign a lease agreement and return that to Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority along with a bank share capital letter.

Step 6: the license is issued

Registration and license are then issued.

Omissions or errors in an application can lead to delays. It is very important to get professional help from reliable business setup consultants because they are well versed with required legal formalities and makes the entire business setup process easy and streamlined.

The business setup for Dubai silicon oasis is easy for company that understand the predefined rules and regulation of Dubai silicon authority and plan their business set up accordingly. It is very important to be sure that all the procedures are followed in accordance with the UAE law a sight error can elongate the business setup process.

Documents required for business setup in Dubai Silicon Oasis

There are several documents which must be submitted in order to start a company in Dubai silicon oasis some of the documents are

  • An application forms
  • Letter of intent
  • A business plans
  • Company profile and brochure
  • Details of shareholders

Estimated cost

  • Initial approval cost
  • Tradename approval cost
  • License fees
  • Visa costs

The above-mentioned cost is just an estimation the exact cost will be determined by the time of submission.

Business setup consultants or Dubai Silicon Oasis

FAR Consulting Middle East has been helping investors belonging to the technology sector with company incorporation in Dubai silicon oasis. Operational transparency and customer-centric procedures ensure that our clients get all the amenities for business setup in this technology sector.

Our specialized team of expert guarantee hassle free company formation experience to our clients. You can Contact us for business setup services in Dubai silicon oasis.