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Visa for Families of Foreign Students

visa for families

University leaders said the recent move of the UAE government officials allowing international students in sponsoring their family members (Residency visa for families) for the entire duration of their education in the country will be very good for the economy. In addition, it will also prompt a significant rise in enrolment in UAE educational institutions.

According to the Ruler of Dubai and Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bn Rashid, foreign students are now permitted in bringing their relatives with them to the country whenever they can prove they have the financial means in doing so. Residency visa for families of students can be processed by firms providing PRO services in UAE.

Encouraging more learners in UAE

The UAE Cabinet’s latest directive is a huge motivation for students in choosing Emirates as their destination for pursuing undergraduate and/or postgraduate courses. It also provides an incentive in laying down roots within the country after they complete their courses and their academic journey.

Higher education chiefs reported that this decision of the local government will help students when they plan for their futures. Families coming in will seek employment in the country, possibly investing in real estate which stimulates economic growth. This is absolutely critical for the recovery of the country’s economy post-COVID-19 pandemic.

As for planning their long-term future in the UAE, students, including their families can enjoy all the benefits of gaining UAE residency visas. To attract a lot more students enrolling in UAE schools and universities, educational institutions in the country are creating opportunities for part-time work, offering more scholarships, as well as offering courses that cater to jobs of the near future.

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Scholarship and lower tuition fees in UAE

Apart from the aforementioned benefits of enrolling in the UAE, students are also provided with purpose-built student housing and accommodation. As for the families, they are attracted even more to the country’s educational framework due to the reasonable tuition fees.

It is expected to see lots of students from Egypt, South Asia, Morocco, and North Africa bringing their families to the country. There’s already an interest in moving to the UAE, which means the added incentive will most definitely bring lots of students to the country. Students across the globe are known to be economy boosters. They often dine out, are very good consumers, and maintain a social life.

While other countries are tightening their restrictions for traveling and closing their borders, UAE has already taken steps in opening itself to the world.

UAE law re: residency visa for students’ family members

Under UAE legislation, foreign students are able to bring their family members to the country so long as they can prove that they are able to afford suitable housing within UAE. The recently approved resolution for residency of family members and relatives of university students aims in achieving moral stability to support the education sector of the country and reinforce their position to be the top destination for both study and work worldwide.

The duration of the residency visas of family members and relatives of foreign students will depend on the students’ visa duration. Visas are renewed in accordance with conditions as those of newly issued visas. The residency permits of the family members will be linked to residency permits of sponsoring foreign students. If the sponsoring student’s residency visa has been canceled, then the visas of all dependents or sponsored persons will require cancellation as well.

The dependents will have a grace period of thirty days from the expiry date or cancellation date of their sponsor’s residency visa to process brand-new residency permits. Should a foreign student fail in renewing or canceling the visa of all his or her dependents, dependents will be considered as illegal residents in the UAE and will be liable in paying a fine. It is best to consult with PRO service providers in Dubai or anywhere in UAE for concerns regarding residency permit processing.

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What are the requirements for the residency visa processing of family members?

Identification papers and bank statements are some of the necessary documents to provide to authorities when processing residency visas for student’s relatives. In addition, a medical health check is required. All males and females aged 18 and above will have to undergo a medical fitness test and pass it. The test has to be taken at a health center in UAE that is approved by the local government.

All applicants of residency visas are required to undergo medical tests, regardless of whether the visas are new or for renewal. The tests will check for communicable diseases such as HIV and pulmonary tuberculosis, which are taken with an x-ray of the chest. If you are found to be positive of a communicable disease, you’ll be considered as unfit medically.

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