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Corporate PO Boxes in UAE : All You Need to Know

Corporate PO Boxes in UAE

In the United Arab Emirates and across the globe, online and home-based businesses become huge! Needing a physical store in launching a business or making it big in the industry isn’t the case any longer! As today’s leaders are eBay, Shopify, and Amazon, it has become very clear to all of us that working out an online presence is most definitely what is important. 

With consumers being online and on their phones at least four hours a day, a lot of businesses have found ingenious ways in meeting the needs of their customers with mobile apps or websites. Unfortunately, because many governmental requirements are not optimized to being done virtually or through the world wide web, having a physical address matter. Also, a permanent address is one of the requirements for business setup in Dubai and across the UAE.  

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Permanent Address for Business in UAE 

A permanent address for a business is required when processing its trade or commercial license. This can be a physical space or a virtual office in UAE. For the latter option, a PO box in Dubai would prove to be essential as you may not want your home address to be in the public record and used by government authorities and customers to reach out to you. 

If you’re utilizing a virtual office in Dubai, for instance, you would want your business to have a professional image. Giving out information about your PO box will boost your business’ credibility. If you rent a PO box with Emirates Post, you will be able to utilize the address of the post office in receiving your packages and business mail. The address can be used when dealing with your customers and you have the freedom in using it on your website and social media accounts.

How to Change Company Legal Name in the UAE

But, your PO box can’t be used as your business address! 

Regardless, a lot of business owners in the UAE prefer using PO boxes for the following reasons:

  • Government mail or correspondence can be sent to the PO box address 
  • PO box address is not unusual or somewhere that is inaccessible 
  • The address makes a business look and sound professional 
  • A customer can easily find a PO box address on common search engines 
  • It can be found easily and quickly when making map searches 
  • If the business gets a letter that is delivered personally by a client or customer, the letter will be accepted or received by a professional or staff member that’s uninformed and within a real office space

If you think that your business, whether online or offline, has a genuine PO box address, then it is best to speak to the corporate PRO experts of FAR Consulting Middle East! Our team specializing in PRO Services in UAE will be able to handle all your unique needs and requirements related to running your business in the country, including the registration of your business’ legal address and rental of PO box with the Emirates Post. 

How to Get PO Box in Dubai

Originals and copies of the following are to be submitted to authorities when opening a PO box: a trade license (valid), a no-objection letter from the Department of Economic Development in UAE, the identification cards of the individual whose name is included on the trade license submitted, and the emirates ID of individuals who will be given authorization in opening and using the corporate PO box. Take note: if company admin or personnel already possess individual or personal PO boxes, they can’t be used for business. A business has to sign up for its own corporate PO box.

Is PO Box Mandatory in Dubai?

In the UAE, unlike in other countries, there are no zip codes. This means all posts will be sent to a PO box address. All companies are advised in arranging to get their own PO boxes in UAE. For businesses that have Flexi desks operating in any of the myriads of free zones in UAE, a PO box number may already be in a Flexi desk agreement or license. If that is not the case, then you are to arrange the registration of the PO box address as it will be where you will receive any correspondence.

Can Mail be Delivered to My Personal Address from a PO box? 

All mail will go to PO boxes which are at several different locations. A lot of residents in the UAE have their mail sent to the post office boxes of their employers and then taken by company representatives that are tasked with delivering the mail to the employees of the company. If you can’t personally collect your mail or you have no employees to do so for you, you may avail of door-to-door delivery.