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Will Expo 2020 boost your Dubai business?

Will Expo 2020 boost your Dubai business?

World expo 2020 is expected to host one of the largest events in the UAE, with over 170 nations taking part to boost the UAE’s global reputation, encourage economic and cultural growth to leave a long-lasting legacy.

This massive event will bring forth job opportunities for businesses. This will help in investment in the region through people and investors moving or expanding their businesses here when done right.

This world event will boost your investment in Middle East and is already bringing much-needed positive attention the region.

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Some of the reason why expo 2020 will boost the business

UAE is expecting 25 million visitors

With number of visitors expected to arrive in a span of 6 months. there are high opportunities to showcase what UAE has to offer especially to people or companies who are exploring UAE and reasons to move or invest.

Millions of visitors will exercise dub expo and also its opportunities. also, you may also make the best connection face to face, building relationships. This could lead to significant investment in the region, through people moving here or opening a business in the city after Expo 2020.

New frontiers for tourism

UAE is known for its tourism and hospitality. With the arrival of exon 2020 it will witness the capability of the country of successfully hosting business in different sectors and industries such as construction, finance, sustainability and many more. This will prove the country as an excellent place to be growing a global business.

infrastructure improvements will stretch far beyond Expo 2020

Hosting of expo 2020 will ensure that the event infrastructure will add lasting value to the region. This district will cover 4.38 square km, will become known as District 2020 after the event. This will include office and residential space, cultural attractions, parks and leisure amenities.

If there are any improvements to the infrastructure a city is a boost for business. This approach is the foresight and planning of government, we can be sure these improvements will boost Dubai’s economy.

Post expo 2020 this site can be used and the improved city infrastructure, will cement our position as a major draw for businesses.

Transforming expo 2020 into district

The Expo 2020 will make sure that the site remains useful after the event. after 6 months the site will start transforming and become district. This will feature offices, residential spaces, cultural attractions, leisure amenities, parks, and many more.

UAE government is making sure that the site accessible by funding new roads, rail links, and expanding the airport capacity to accommodate more people.

This is a boost of business so that more people are driven to the UAE, your potential market also increases.

Economy is expected to hit a billion

The expo is seen to generate revenue and foreign investments and are likely to hit the UAE through sectors like real estate, hospitality, and retail. This event will serve as a platform for future growth. This is one of the reasons why this time is ideal for many businesses to set up or expand in the country.

The Expo will create new job opportunities

This even will scale up the employment and an increase in skilled workers. This also says that Expo 2020 will result in new jobs in the UAE. Expo 2020 will have a huge number of opportunities to hire the best international talent, as the event will create a far greater pool of skilled workers.

Business set up services in UAE

If you have been thinking of expanding your business in the Middle East or setup your business in the UAE, we believe that the next year is the best time. With efficient and well-planned strategy, you can take advantage of the huge amount of business deals on its way to the region.

The expo will create various other business opportunities also and will also help the economy of the country. If you are looking to set up a company in Dubai, it is the best time for an entrepreneur. If you require a helping hand, FAR Consultancy Middle East will assist you in setting up a company in Dubai. Contact us for more information.

What is the purpose of expo 2020?

Expo is a creation and partnership event launched by EXPO 2020 Dubai to fund, accelerate and promote creative solutions that improve lives while preserving planet.

What will be the duration of expo 2020?

The expo 2020 will last for a maximum duration of six months and adhere to a wide universal theme that apples to all humanity.

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What is the main theme of expo 2020?

Th theme of expo 2020 is connecting minds and creating future. This will bring the people together from macros the emirates for a shared purpose to help deliver exceptional world expo with a lasting and meaningful impact.