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How Dubai World Expo 2020 is Going to Change the World

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Dubai Expo 2020 is no doubt going to do wonders in the world of business and success. It has been decided to take place from October 2020 to April 2021. It means that this will be a really long exhibition lasting almost 6 months.

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The theme of the EXPO 2020

The basic theme of the whole exhibition will be ‘Connecting minds, creating future’. The theme itself shows how gigantic it is going to be. People looking for business setup in Dubai can take a lot of advantages from the exhibition this is because here they will get to meet and greet new people from different companies in the world. All of them will share their ideas and will offer the opportunities they have got. In this way, all the entrepreneurs looking for great opportunities will be able to find a way to business in a really easy manner. How to start a business in Dubai

The main purpose of Expo 2020 is to bring closer the people of different trade zone so that they may share their ideas of a better world and show what they are producing and offering the whole world.

A huge amount of money has been invested in the cause so that the exhibition may take place without any problem at all. Because of hosting a huge expo which will last for months, a number of opportunities have been created for the businesses related directly or indirectly to the legal representative services, foreign investments, tourism, hospitality and so much more. In short, this is going to benefit both the hosts and the guests. Everyone is going to get profited from the expo in one way or the other.

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How will Expo 2020 change the world?

Great Yield

It is expected that this exhibition will yield a huge revenue of $24.2 billion which will play a very important role in the welfare of UAE

Job Opportunities

Because of the interests of people from all around the world in the exhibition, a huge number of business opportunities would be provided. The expected number of job opportunities is said to be 277,000. This will have a huge impact on the small and medium-sized companies as well. Also, the existing businesses in the UAE will also be able to get benefited by it because of catering the hosts and helping them in different ways.

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Economic Boost

The predicted percentage of economic boost is said to be 6.4% from 2014 to 2016 every year. This means that the economy will get improved to 10% while we reach 2020.

Revenue Generation

The government of the UAE is doing everything possible in order to become more successful and generate more economy. Expo2020 is a very big step towards this achievement. The revenue generation will exceed up to $17.7 billion if the exhibition comes out to be a success. Organizers and people related to the expo are very certain about their success as they hope it will be a huge accomplishment in the world of the business.

Foreign Investment

The foreign investment will also get increased due to the triumph of the exhibition. The expected foreign investment rate is said to be $150 billion. The expected foreign investment rate is especially for the sectors including real estate, tourism and hospitality

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Whenever the expos are organized, not just that there are a great number of investors hut also visitors. The expected number of visitors is 25 million. 17 million out of ten would be international as per the predictions. In this way, the tourism and the hospitality sector will be able to gain a huge accomplishment as the number of tourists will increase due to the exposition

New Jobs

A whole new city is being constructed for the mega project of this way, a number of jobs have also been introduced. The project has been able to generate 15% of jobs and the percentage will get doubled as we move closer to the year 2020.

Investment in Dubai has always been encouraged because of the economic boom being experienced in there. This is such a great time for those who are really serious about their passions and company formation in Dubai. For those, having issues regarding company setup in Dubai can always call for help. The legal representatives are always there to get assistance regarding the upcoming projects.

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