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Business Opportunities in RAK Free Zone

rak free zone business setup

Ras al-Khaimah (RAK) has played a huge part in the economy of the UAE, not just because of its business but also its economic practices have brought revolutions to UAE. Due to the unique location it possesses, the soil here is very fertile. Due to soil fertility, agriculture is quite common here. The economy of RAK has been at higher ranks due to agriculture as it being the most common economic activity of RAK. Now as the world is establishing and becoming better than before, RAK free zone business setup has also shifted its interest towards the industrialism. From the last few decades, a number of people have started moving towards industrialization to make it is economy even better.

RAK is not a very major producer of oil yet it has shown great economic growth in the UAE. The significant growth has brought a number of great things in the field of industry. The industries include that of cement industry, mining manufacturing and so much more. Due to such diversification, it has been clear to us how much RAK has done to improve its economic growth and welfare.

Company formation in Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ)

The GDP of RAK is growing at a faster pace since quite a time. For the past few decades, a number of both small as well as large businesses from all around the world are getting attracted towards RAK. They are not just moving a step towards bringing their dreams into existence but also making efforts to contribute to the economic growth and development in RAK.


The authorities working in RAK are very well aware of the interests of the people in RAK. This is the reason why they are making sure to provide the best of the best business facilities to them. In this way, they are making the business incorporation real in here.

Due to the variety of businesses getting occupied in RAK, the authorities are trying to implement better policies so that the businesses may get more diverse. These policies will contribute to the development processes to a great extent.

Here are some of the reasons that will make you realize that RAK FTZ is the best place for company formation in the whole region;

  • Second largest free zone

Being the second largest free zone, RAK FTZ in UAE hosts as much as 8,000 businesses in 50 industrial sectors from almost all over the world.

  • Cost effective business solution

RAK is the most affordable and very cost-effective free zone as compared to others. It consumes as less as 50% than that of the other zones.

  • Easy access

As it is present close to the seaports, highways and airports, it makes a better connection to the business markets that are present across UAE


Benefits of setting up a Business in Ras Al Khaimah free trade zone

Trade zones with Immense growth

Business incorporation in RAK comes with a huge number of benefits. This can be considered the reason why the growth rate here has doubled in the last years. The huge growth rate appeals to a huge number of investors while helping the progress even more.

Business opportunities in RAK free trade zone

RAK free zone company setup comes with great benefits and advantages. No just the large companies but also the small companies and get a huge benefit from it.

The free zones in RAK come up with great business opportunities making it easy from the people to incorporate their businesses here.


What Makes Free Zone Company Formation in Ras Al-Khaimah Profitable

Ownership Opportunity

In RAK FTZ, the businessmen have the freedom to own their business by 100%. Thy wouldn’t be needing any local sponsor for RAK free zone  company formation as they will be able to own it all by themselves

  • Tax-free environment

No taxes are to be paid by the people from their companies in Ras al Khaimah free zone. This makes it possible for them to get benefit from all the profit they make and succeed in their cause.

  • Support services for training

The employees can get trained here through free support services.

  • Fast licensing

The businesses can start operating here really fast as the licenses can be obtained in a very less period of time.

  • Support opportunities

Support services including courier, post office and more are also offered for better amenities.

The opportunities provided by RAK authorities are really remarkable. Their creative and unique services are taking the growth levels to the next level of achievement.

If you are also looking for a successful business setup in Ras al Khaimah free zone, you are no doubt taking a wise decision. Incorporating a business here would make you show your best to the world.


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