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Young Foreign Entrepreneurs’ Reasons in Choosing UAE

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There has been a lot of changes in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and it is continually improving every aspect to keep the economy soaring. Many types of research have already proven the UAE to be a conducive and preferred place for entrepreneurs to start their venture. The UAE has even exceeded other well-known countries based on those studies.

It has always been one of the goals of the UAE to attract more and more investors into the country. It is believed that the economy will be more diversified. Aside from that, more jobs will be open for residents and other expatriates.


Brief Background About UAE


Strategic location

The UAE is one of the countries with strategic locations to boast. It is situated at a place that is made accessible to the transportation industry, ensuring that there are links from the UAE to other continents.


Various Locations with State-of-the-Art Infrastructures

The UAE has always been on the top of its game when it comes to ensuring that every resident is comfortable whenever they go around the cities and Emirates. Every field in the industry has amazing things to offer. Every mainland and the industry-specific free zone has its own infrastructures that will meet the requirements of each business.


Social Stability

The UAE has been continuously a safe place to stay in by nationals and expatriates together because of how the government works for residents to feel secure with healthy living conditions.

According to some research, the UAE is one of the countries with low crime rates compared to other advanced and well-known countries.



Why Do Entrepreneurs Choose UAE?

Aside from the brief history of the UAE, there are still some other reasons that entrepreneurs choose to have a business set up in UAE.


  1. Soaring Economy

Even before the implementation of the tax system, the UAE has been one of the countries with diversified economy in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The UAE has detached itself from being reliant on its oil-generated revenue with trade, logistics, transportation, and tourism. Because of these, the economy of the UAE is soaring than ever, and with the implementation of the tax system, it is now expected to improve even more with what the tax revenue will bring to the table in its first year.


  1. Legal Framework

The laws and regulations in place in the UAE are completely in the best interests of the residents and the entrepreneurs as well. These laws make everything in order to ensure the fairness and protect the rights of the people.

With the government developing the legal framework, even more, it is expected that there will be more foreign investments in the future.


  1. Manpower

There are a lot of people in the UAE with various nationalities. Businessmen can choose from a wide variety of individuals from almost every part of the world to recruit in their company. Because there are always talented people looking for jobs in the UAE, it’s not difficult to find the right fit for your company.


  1. Free Zones

The good thing about the UAE is that it has a lot of free zones and even offshores that investors can choose from. More on the free zones, they are all industry-specific that each one focuses to improve itself in order to meet the requirements that are set by companies that are to be formed in their locations.

It even gives a lot of benefits that free zones these days are fast-growing free zones. The benefits include 100% foreign ownership, fast and smooth registration, 0% corporate taxes, etc.


  1. Excellent Quality of Lifestyle

Other done the outstanding things about the UAE as a whole, there are a lot more to enjoy in the UAE that expatriates enjoy living in this country. From huge shopping malls to big theme parks to luxurious hotels to high-end restaurants, it gives businessmen a stress-free weekend after work.

It is no wonder that other people, aside from investors, would want to visit the UAE every once in a while.


Business Setup In UAE


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