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What You Should Know About E-Commerce

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There are various platforms that prove that online shopping is a big part of the business industry. With Amazon and eBay leading the world of e-commerce, shopping life for consumers has been admittedly easy. But even though this is the case, physical shopping was not entirely eradicated on the face of the Earth.

Since e-commerce has been growing in every part of the world, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has its own share of a rapid growth of online shopping. Even in the UAE, online shopping seems to be a more preferred choice than the traditional one.


What is an E-Commerce?

E-commerce is basically a type of business wherein the transaction happens over the internet instead of inside a shop. A consumer just mainly picks the items that he wants to buy and proceed to the checkout payment where he will input his card details. Then the consumer will receive a notification in his email about his order being processed. Usually, it will take days for the items to be delivered. But it is completely varying in the type of business that it is. Flower shops that have online shopping will give you choices to have your flowers be delivered from two hours to a couple of days depending on what you prefer.


Seven Things You Should Know About E-Commerce


Business Setup

The procedure for an e-commerce business setup in Dubai is easy. Depending on their strategy and the nature of their business, businessmen can choose between free zone and non-free zone as their legal entity.

Business owners who choose to establish their business in a free zone will gain advantages, such as 100% foreign ownership, 0% corporate tax, 0% income tax, 100% repatriation of business profits, etc.

There are a lot of free zones in Dubai alone and more in all over the UAE. Depending on the business activity, a businessman can choose to setup in any location of their choice as long as that free zone allows that business activity in its location. The respective authority of the chosen free zone will handle all the processing of the registration of a trade license and other important documents.



Of course, e-commerce will not work without a stable website where the business will take place. It is essential to note that the more user-friendly and attractive your website is with the exceptional user interface, the more it will attract customers and consumers.

Choosing a domain is simply like choosing a name for your company. It should be unique and catchy. It should be easily remembered so that consumers can effortlessly look for your website without doing a lot of research on their part that may or may not even work.



When you have prepared that needs to be so and you are familiar with every aspect of your e-commerce business from inside and out, then it’s time for your products to be marketed in the industry for the whole world to see, or for the region, whichever you prefer first. This is an ongoing process that simply it should be kept going for your business to keep on rolling in the industry.

It is advisable that a marketing manager or anyone who handles the marketing of business should study the different ways to attract customers and retain them. Marketing strategies should be what the target market can relate with for it works best if that is the case.


Online Payment

Since it’s an online shopping, the payment will also happen on the website. This is why only an online payment gateway is an important part of this business as well. To be sure of its stability and success rate of transactions, you must do a research on the best online payment gateway vendors out there to avoid any holdups on your website.



Another important thing in this kind of business is the logistics. After a consumer has paid for the ordered items, those items should be available in your physical store or warehouse. If it is the kind of goods that have long shelf life (which just usually end due to its age and how long it’s been not used and disregarded, like shirts, ornaments, pens, etc.), then an owner can order bulks for items on his website, and if it is the kind of items that are easily spoiled (flowers, food, etc.) then they are better to be ordered as soon as a confirmation from the customer has been received.

Because of this, it is best to obtain your own storage and arrange them in accordance with what kind of system best applies to you and your employees.



Another part of e-commerce business that largely supports it for it to run smoothly is the logistics aspect. Without this, the business might as well not run.

Once the items are ready and packed, they need to be shipped then to the customers as to meet the standard 2-3 working days shipment that even vary depending on the location of the person and the type of the items.

An e-commerce business can either build its own logistics system or liaise with third-party logistics companies. It simply depends on the budget of the business if an in-house logistics or outsource logistics is better.


E-commerce Business Setup in Dubai

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