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Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up a Business in Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone)

business setup in saif zone

Investors have been coming to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) since it has become one of the household names in the business industry, being one of the business centers in the world.

As an advice to businessmen who are coming in the country, they should conduct a research on where their business will best thrive as UAE offers industry-specific free zones with benefits that are almost the same yet with other advantages that are different from each other.

Emirate of Sharjah Quick Background

The UAE’s total industrial activity has over one-third of it contributed by the Emirate of Sharjah. It has its own airport called Sharjah International Airport that helps in imports and exports of the companies situated in its location.

Brief Information on SAIF Zone

There are a lot of famous names that Sharjah Airport Free Zone or Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone) has on its site. The well-known industries that SAIF Zone has to offer include media, IT, and trading. Since its establishment in 1995, it has become one of the biggest business centers in the UAE. It has easy access on the road, air, and even water.

The incentives that this free zone offers are one of a kind and greatly entice investors from across the world. It has been one of the first choices of businessmen in conducting a business setup in UAE as it has proved itself as one of the best places to have a company’s headquarters in. For this reason, SAIF Zone company formation has increased in number over the years.

Advantages of Having a Business Setup in SAIF Zone

Lower Costs

Price is always one of the influences that would affect any businessman’s decision in conducting a business setup in UAE. This is why business setup in SAIF Zone means costs are lower and reasonable for investors, ensuring that they can handle the amount that is needed for forming a company.

They are also known to give promotions that bring their costs even lower than it already is. This kind of step gives the businessmen with a certain budget to have their business come into life.

Quick Business Setup

Business setup in SAIF zone is one of the easiest and fastest in the country. The documents that are required to be submitted are not too complicated, and it only takes 48 hours for them to process the license.

The business owners are guaranteed to be able to start operating in no time in the free zone.

Various Business Types to Choose From

There are a lot of business activities that are allowed in the SAIF Zone. They give general trading, commercial, service, industrial licenses to organizations.

The companies that belong in the import and export, freight, and cargo industries should consider a SAIF Zone company formation as this place greatly meets their requirements.  It is located at Sharjah International Airport that makes it advantageous. Its facilities that include storage, warehousing, and container parking make it especially a good choice for the above-mentioned industries.

A Good Number of Business Setup Options

SAIF Zone has places for branches of existing local or foreign businesses, free zone establishments (FZEs), subsidiaries, and free zone companies (FZCs). In addition, companies are allowed to have up to five shareholders in SAIF Zone.

Strategic Location

As mentioned above, SAIF Zone is located at the Sharjah International Airport. Aside from that, it is also easily accessible via road and sea. It is also a half hour away from the Khalid Port and Hamriyah Port. It is an hour and a half away from the Khor Fakkan Port.

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Business Setup In UAE

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