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Company Setup in Ajman Mainland

Business Setup in Ajman Mainland

Ajman is one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain surround this Emirate that has an extensive coastline. Its impressive road connectivity makes it easy for people to access from anywhere in the UAE. Even if it doesn’t have any oil revenue advantage, it has its agriculture, trade, and fisheries to lean on for its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As a further note, the Ajman industrial area, commercial, and construction activities greatly help Ajman to help its economic growth with its continuous development. And although it is considered to be the smallest based on area, business setup companies in Ajman have been thriving.

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  • Following industries you can setup in Ajman Mainland

    We covers all the following industries, even if your industry not in list you can consult with us we can help you setup.

  • Benefits of Business Setup in Ajman Mainland

    Business owners are slowly choosing to have company registration Ajman. It can be noted that business setup companies in Ajman are rising in number as those businesses are thriving in the Emirate.

    With its continuous development that encourages business owners to conduct an Ajman company formation, there is also continuous evolution when it comes to the advantages that businesses are receiving in forming a company.

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  • Business Setup Requirements & Procedure

    Requirements for Company Registration in Ajman

    • Copy of Trade License;
    • Notarized Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association;
    • Initial Approval and Name Approval;
    • PO Box;
    • Company Immigration card;
    • Visa and labor cards;
    • Certificate of Registration – for branch opening

    Take note: some nationals require security approvals during submission of requirements. Additionally, shareholders must present original passports and bank statement for a period of six (6) months from country of residency.

    Call us today to get the full list of requirements for Ajman Mainland Business Setup.

  • The procedure of processing the company setup would range from 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Support Services Offered in Ajman

    FAR Consulting Middle East has knowledge of business setup laws laws and regulation in Ajman and can help your setup your business. We can assist your company in handling all the legal formalities to help your business establish free trade agreements.

    The services Offred by our business setup consultants includes:

    • Our experts can guide you in selecting and implementing the right means and solutions in getting Ajman license
    • Our experts will do the paper work for incorporation and facilitate in the registration fee payment
    • Drafting and submission of all the required legal documents
    • Obtaining specialized from relevant government authorities
    • Follow-up with the inspection unit in municipality o Ajman for verifying chosen business location
    • Provide assistance in opening bank accounts
  • Business Setup Cost in Ajman

    The below table shows you the business setup cost in Ajman including the Ajman trade license cost. You can contact us for further information or clarification.

    UAE Mainland Estimated Official Cost for Study Case/New Business Setup
    Fees/Cost/Receiver Narration Cycle Cost (AED) Payment Comments
    Trade Name Reservation Govt. Agency One Time 610 100% Adv. View
    Initial Approval for Your Business Govt. Agency One Time 110 100% Adv.
    Local Citizen – Sponsorship Fee Your Business’ Local Sponsor Yearly 15,000 100% Later View
    MOA – Legal Translation Services Translation Services One Time 1,280 100% Adv. View
    Notarization of MOA Govt. Agency One Time 960 100% Adv. View
    Licensing and Certificate of Incorporation Fees (for specific business activity) Govt. Agency Yearly 7,000 100% Adv. View
    File Opening – Immigration (Establishment Card) Govt. Agency One Time 860 100% Adv.
    File Opening – Ministry of Labour (Establishment Card) Govt. Agency One Time 2,053 100% Adv.
    E-Signature Card – Ministry of Labour Govt. Agency One Time 1,000 100% Adv.
    Farhat Office & Co.’s Fees – Your Business Registration Consultant’s Professional Fees
    All of the Following Services are Included:
    » MOA drafting – Arabic / English
    » Power of attorney drafting – A/E
    » Side Agreement drafting – A/E
    Professional Fees/Farhat Office & Co. One Time 15,000 100% Adv.
    TOTAL 43,873 View


    All fees for government and related authorities are an estimation only. The exact government fees will be determined at the time of submission of the applications. We are obligated to provide our clients with all receipts of government and related agencies against the amount that will be paid. Every amount that will expense for your business registration will be supported by documents. In case of shortage, the client has to repay us. In case of excess, we have to refund the client.

    Our professional fee covers consultation, drafting of legal documents, introducing reliable local citizen service-agent when required, assisting in document notarization from the local notary public, assisting in local bank account opening, and applying to the concerned authorities on your behalf.