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Trademark Searching Service

Trademark Searching Service Dubai, UAE

A trademark™ search uncovers similar/identical search registered trademarks and unregistered trademarks, allowing brands to determine and assess the viability of proposed marks and the possible risks associated with their registration.

Performing in-depth investigations and phonetic search into similar brands, FAR Consulting Middle East offers various global trademark search solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. The trained analysts of the firm make use of superior technology and advanced searching techniques, coupled with up-to-date databases.

Our service examines trademark registry search, unregistered, expired, and cancelled trademarks in the UAE, as well as abandoned and pending trademark applications filed to the Ministry of Economy (MOE). The firm’s analysts also utilize common law searching strategies in combing through domain registries, business directories, web portals, and marketing sources.

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Expert Trademark Research

At FAR Consulting Middle East, we provide clients assistance to several different kinds of searches, such as:

Focused Trademark Search

Our search specialists offer a focused company trademark search that’s thorough, but takes a lesser amount of time as it focuses on the review of MOE databases to check whether a proposed mark has identical or similar marks. For this kind of search, we also check abandoned and pending applications, including cancelled trademarks.

In the event that no notable mark is uncovered, you can opt to perform a more in-depth investigation through our Comprehensive Search.

Comprehensive Trademark Search

Our watch experts will determine a proposed trademark’s availability by searching MOE registers, common law databases, top-level domain registry, and corporate name directors in order to uncover abandoned and pending trademark applications, cancelled/expired and active registrations, domain names, trade and business names, and common law citations.

Design Trademark Search

For design trademark search, our experienced analysts will break down a subject mark’s design elements and utilize the same in uncovering similar/identical abandoned and pending trademark applications, as well as active and cancelled trademarks.

Licensing or Trademark Search

For this kind of search, we will check whether a trademark can be used in merchandising campaigns for several unrelated industries. The firm’s experts will check the same databases used for a comprehensive trademark search, with the addition of query on service and product designations across unrelated industries.

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Our Commitment

The registration filing of an identical/similar mark is a waste of company resources, especially when a lawsuit is filed for attempting to breach on a legal entity’s intellectual property rights. The tailored trademark search solutions of FAR Consulting Middle East will offer you valuable information that aids in formulating critical trademark decisions.

To take advantage of our copyright trademark search solutions, call us to consult with our search analysts TODAY!

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