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Trademark Watch Service in UAE

Trademark Monitoring Service in UAE

As a trademark holder, you must be knowledgeable regarding trademark monitoring fundamentals. Trademark watching or monitoring is necessary for defending your brand from potential loss of revenue and intellectual property infringement.

FAR Consulting Middle East’s team of IT and trademark watch specialists can help your brand avoid potential damage caused by infringers and give your intellectual property rights sufficient protection from unauthorized use.

The Ministry of Economy (MOE) of the UAE registers trademarks; however, the regulatory body is not responsible for their enforcement and monitoring as they are to be done by trademark owners/holders. After the final approval is issued by the MOE for the registration of your trademark, you must maintain and enforce your intellectual property rights.

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It is always advisable to seek the help of expert watch analysts after trademark registration as they can uncover and prevent attempts of unauthorized use or infringement on your trademark. Our trademark solutions offer stronger protection for marks, and easy, swift resolution in the event of disputes.

Our expert trademark watch analysts are capable of keeping tabs on various sources to protect your brand and safeguard your property intellectual rights, including the following:

  • Ministry of Economy (MOE) trademark applications – our trademark watch service monitors trademark registration filings made to the Ministry of Economy to protect your brand. For registration attempts of identical/similar marks, our experts will also offer expert guidance should you decide to take further action.
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Trademark Watching Services Offered

With our trademark-watching service, you can expect:

  • A timely detection of new trademark application filings, which may breach your intellectual property rights;
  • Thorough monitoring of registered and unregistered trademarks that are identical, similar, or contain the same meaning as your published marks with the help of our intellectual property surveillance team;
  • Expert supervision and sifting of results to ensure you only receive relevant notifications;
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