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4 Trademark Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid

Trademark Mistakes Business Owners Should Avoid MAF Consulting

Making a name for your company is not an easy task. You can’t simply settle for something that you think will just do. It must be brainstormed because your whole company will ride on the success or failure of your name.

More often than not, the goods and services of a company do well in the market because the consumers are firstly caught by the catchiness of the logo or the tagline or the name itself. It is believed that the purchasing decision of the consumers is often influenced by the reputation that the trademark has acquired throughout trademark representation.

When you know how to reach your target market, you know exactly how to catch their attention through your trademark. This is why trademark shouldn’t be done hastily but should undergo a lot of thinking and advising from consultants.

Based on our experience with trademark registration in Dubai, we will share the mistakes that you should avoid. Before we go into the details, we should refresh our minds on what trademark is all about.

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Trademark in Simple Terms

Simply, the trademark will help in identifying your brand and your company. Your name, logo, tagline, symbol, etc. that are in connection with your goods and services can be trademarked. When these are registered for trademark, you obtain the rights to them. That means that nobody else can use those things without your permission. Also, it means that other businesses are not allowed to make a similar trademark that might confuse the consumers.

A trademark distinguishes your brand from the other companies that may be selling the same goods and services. With this, you can market what you’re selling using your brand that makes you stand out from others.

Mistakes You Should Avoid to Have a Successful Trademark

  1. Don’t Be Hasty

Don’t settle for generic words because you need to have a name. You should take time in doing this. It is better to take long in creating a name instead of having all your work wasted because you have chosen a poor name.

There is a lot of research that goes into making up a name. You can’t simply name your bread product as “Bread”. If you choose a name that doesn’t make your goods and services to stand out, you will have a hard time marketing it. It will be a weak argument as well when you try to defend it in the court. And the name itself might not even be acceptable for trademark registration in Dubai.

2. Be Careful with Your Wording

Even though it might sound funny to your or to the people whom you have asked about it, it is not really advisable to use inappropriate words or phrases for your trademark that represents your company or brand. There can be legal rules in your country when it comes to this kind of wording.

Besides, some people wouldn’t want to be associated with a company with a vulgar, naughty, or inappropriate names that seem to be not taking anything seriously. You might want to look laid-back but there is a limit in showing that you are indeed a happy-go-lucky company. And there are ways to show that you are welcoming and warm. So you might want to think twice about using certain words that will not do your business any good.

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3. Keep on Researching

So you have finally made a name that reaches out to your target market and represents your goods and services in the best way possible. You might also have done a research on the database to see if the trademark that you have conflicts with other business’ trademark.

But the research does not stop there. Although you can do it yourself, it is advisable that you seek the help of a lawyer to be sure that you are not crossing anybody’s trademark rights when having yours registered. Ensuring that you are legally having your trademark registered is not that easy. Trademark registration in UAE can be challenging, and more often than not, you need someone to go through with it. Because if you are not careful, it can land you with a legal action.

4. Protect Your Trademark Right Away

It might be a blissful moment to finally have your trademark that doesn’t have any conflict with other companies. But the most important thing you should remember is not to use it before you have registered it for a trademark. Once you start using it without having it registered, you literally do not have the right to defend in the court that you are the owner of that certain mark.

Once you have the rights to a mark, you can protect it by preventing other people to use it without your permission. But if the case is that you haven’t protected it and someone else is already using it, you cannot do anything about it. You might try putting up a fight in the court but it might take a long process or there can be small chance to win.

Even if you can have your trademark be registered by yourself, the process of creating a name, logo, tagline, etc. can be a difficult process. You can easily go through all the processes with the help of a lawyer or a consultant. Farahat Office & Co. has been conducting trademark registration in Dubai for more than 30 years and has helped in setting up businesses all over UAE and in neighboring countries as well. If you’d like to have a consultation with us with regard to trademark registration in UAE, you can contact us today.