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5 Tips for Choosing a Company Name for a Business

Tips for Choosing a Company Name Before Starting New Business

Whether people admit it or not, we often form rapid judgments based on a person’s name or in this case, a company’s name. A company that has a bad name will be highly forgotten while the one that chooses a good name can be the matter of the moment.

Having conducted business setup in Dubai for years, we know that there are a lot of opinions that go around in the industry with regard to what kind of name a company should have.

However, any brand name can be arguably stuck in the consumers’ mind when it is done with an effective marketing strategy.

Based on our experience of being experts in company formation in Dubai, the below list contains the tips that businessmen should keep in mind when choosing a company name. It shouldn’t be taken lightly since your company’s name will either boost or doom a business since its integrity will ride on the name.

Tips to Ponder On

1. Take a Look at Your Competitors’ Names and Take Notes

Do a research on who your competitors are and what their names are. You can list as many as you can to figure out what they have in common or if there is a pattern in the world of naming a company according to its industry.

By doing this, you can have more brainstorming to make up a name that stands out in that crowd of business names. It will be easier to create a better name than your competitors’ when you have all of their creativity laid on the table in front of you to scrutinize.

2. Research About Your Target Customers

Your consumers will have your name reverberate in their heads if it highly relates to their age group or to who they are. If you are targeting children as your audience, child-friendly name (like Toys R Us) can help in having it resonated in their minds.

A research regarding the age group or the type of people (Anime lovers or book lovers) will help you in trying to reach to them with the name that you will create.

3. Be as Creative as You Possibly Can

Sometimes it’s a battle of the comfortability of pronouncing the name and the distinctive style that it should bring. Any businessman would like their name to be memorable, but the name itself shouldn’t go too overboard as to create confusion and cause raised eyebrows. It helps if your name has a backstory on why you chose it, giving a special meaning to it. With this, your consumers that will soon turn into followers would definitely appreciate the sentiment that it brings.

We have registered a lot of trademarks since we handle business setup in Dubai, and almost every single word in the dictionary is practically being trademarked every day. Coined names are now starting to rise to prominence. Using Latin terms or other words from other languages is becoming a popular choice when it comes to naming companies or even brands. The reason for this is because it creates more curiosity in the mind of consumers and with a little push from a good marketing strategy, it can sure win a business a serious bunch of followers from the market and society.

4. Find Other Means to Help You Think

There can be a lot of things that can help you brainstorm for the new name of your upcoming successful business. Reading a lot of books can surely help the creative juices of your brain to flow even more. People who read a lot tend to be more creative in terms of producing something out of nothing.

You can also use company name generators that are available for free on the internet. This can simply give you ideas. Some words might spark an interest in you and might turn the knobs in your head for it to generate new names that will soon be the talk of the town.

5. Consult with the Experts

Truth be told, it is not an easy feat to make up a million-dollar name. At the start, it might not even look like it is that is why quality marketing needs to back it up as well.

Considering to consult an expert in this field with regard to creating a name is fine. Consultants in this field can ensure that you are not violating any laws or trademark rights since they are using a system to accommodate businessmen. Bad names will be ruled out until you come up with a few names.

FAR Consulting Middle East. has been in the industry of company formation in Dubai for more than 30 years, extending its hand to businesses in order to help them with their dilemmas. When it comes to this kind of thing, we can advise you and ensure that you are being given the quality service that you deserve. Conducting a business set up in Dubai to offering other services that a firm may need, we can cover them all for you. Head over here to book a consultation with us.