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Everything You Need to Know About TECOM Group and Its Business Communities

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A Bit Background on TECOM Group


It is part of one of the biggest corporations, which is Dubai Holding. TECOM group has been partnering with the government in converting Dubai into an international hub of creativity and the smartest city in the world. It is the government’s Dubai Plan 2021.


TECOM Group has greatly aided in the government’s goal of developing the economy and the entire Emirate with its industry-specific communities in its helm. They have helped a lot of companies to have their requirements met because each business community can focus on one industry for better results


The Lucky 13: TECOM Group’s Business Communities


As a home to 5,400 businesses, TECOM Group’s communities have provided 86,300 jobs to people. These 13 communities have helped Dubai to be what it is now and more, and they continually do so with TECOM Group and the government’s partnership on this.


Dubai Internet City (DIC)


This is an IT park that was founded in 1999. All company sizes reside in this location like startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, and Fortune 500 companies.


Dubai Outsource City (DOC)


This is a location that is entirely dedicated to local and international outsourcing. It was launched in 2007 with companies offering HR, IT, BPO, call center, etc. services.


Dubai Media City (DMC)


This is an entertainment and media zone wherein like media and marketing, communication, and advertising are provided what they need to thrive. It was founded in 2000.


Dubai Studio City (DSC)


It was in 2005 when DSC was launched for companies that offer services to entertainment, film production, TV, broadcasting, and music segments in the country.


Dubai Production City (DPC)


This was established in 2003 for the sole purpose of advancing the Emirate’s production industry, like publishing, printing, packaging, etc.


Dubai Knowledge Park


In 2003, Dubai Knowledge Park was founded for the purpose of advancing the Emirate as a knowledge-based hub. This location has institutions with high-quality training where students receive certificates and diplomas.


Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)


In 2007, this was launched for the academic community of Dubai. It’s home to a number of colleges and universities and is serving 24,000 international students.


Dubai Science Park


This was founded in 2015. This caters to energy, science, and environment businesses in the Middle East. It promotes a greener economy.


Dubai Industrial Park (DI)


This was established in 2004 for the fast-tracking of the growth and expansion of the UAE’s industrial part. It is open for food and beverage, transport equipment and parts, logistics, machinery and mechanical equipment, base metals, chemicals and mineral products, and workshops.

Dubai Wholesale City

This is one of the newest addition to the TECOM Group. It is focused on the wholesale trading. It is made to be a one-stop shop for traders in the world.


Dubai Food Park (DFP)


This was established in 2017, and it is focused on the food sector. It is made for all food-related services to ensure food security.


Dubai Design District (D3)


This has become the home of the design community in Dubai since 2013. It houses startups, entrepreneurs, fashion and luxury brands, etc.


Emirates Towers Business Park


This is a new business district by the TECOM Group that is expected to expand the financial free zone of Dubai. With the continuous demand for premium offices, Emirates Towers Business Park will have quality buildings and hotels. It is also set to have retail spaces and units for the F&B industry. To top it off, there will be an arena that can be used to host events or corporate functions. Public parks, green spaces, and pedestrian bridges linking into DIFC will also be found in this new addition to TECOM Group.


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