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Business setup in Israel

Business setup in Israel

Business setup in Israel can be a very complicated process, most especially without the help and guidance of FAR Consulting Middle East. An investor or entrepreneur does not only have to plan the business’ structure in order to meet the legal requirements, he/she also has to know exactly how to optimize taxation benefits as well as save on costs associated with running the business.

To help with the company set up in Israel, our team of seasoned and knowledgeable experts on company formation help with the following:

Obtain documents necessary for company formation in Israel

Take note: requirements for Israel company formation are to be certified by a lawyer or attorney. Our team will help obtain, compile, and review the requirements, which include the application for Israel business setup, a declaration by directors for competence in service, and signatures of the initial shareholders on the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

Evaluate the taxation position and structure

We help our clients establish the correct incorporation and holding structure which best suits their taxation purposes that are based on their legal principles, current practices, precedents, and business objectives.

File with Israeli Corporations Authority at the MOJ

In order to register your business, our team will act as your representative in filing the Memorandum and Articles of Association; having the director’s sign declarations that state their capacity in authenticating and serving their signatures by a lawyer (this may require an official translation, Apostille authentication, and notary); and having directors and shareholders sign declarations that they have legal and mental capacity in holding shares of a company (shareholders also need to have their signatures authenticated by a lawyer).

 Register with Israeli Ministry of Finance for taxation purposes

In order to register a business for taxation purposes in Israel, our team will file the deed of the business, as well as the certificate of registration. Final confirmation for the registration can take up a few weeks to a month to arrive.

Appoint a representative

In order for the business to meet all requirements for the tax regulations in Israel which are set forth in Israeli VAT Law, including the ordinance for income tax, a representative that’s Israeli is required. Our team will help your business appoint a representative and have him/her registered with the tax authority to act on behalf of the taxpayer that is foreign based (with the case of a branch of a foreign corporation).

Register with the Israeli Ministry of Finance, VAT Authorities, and Customs

The VAT department is under the Israeli Ministry of Finance. Our team is experienced in VAT registration in Israel and can help in filing the necessary documents and furnishing required information such as lease agreement, the identity of the directors, and the business’ certificate of incorporation.

The firm, as part of its business setup service in Israel, helps with the opening of a bank account. A bank account from a local banking institution is essential for the process of VAT registration in Israel. It also enables in opening a file for withholding tax.

Process National Insurance Institute registration

Bituach Leumi provides coverage for all employed individuals. Provisions include unemployment insurance, social security, training funds, severance payment, and pensions from the government.

Relocation services for expats

Handling special arrangements for payroll can be included in the package of the firm for your business setup in Israel. We also help obtain special working permits for expats, compile the payroll reports for expat employees, and help meet the applicable requirements such as medical and general insurance policies and national or social insurance.

Why clients choose us

  • Efficiency

it is always the aim of our team of business setup experts to assist clients in setting up their businesses in the quickest time frame that is possible. Of course, this is done in a professional manner. We pride ourselves on having a reputation to provide a high-quality service.

  • Competitive pricing

The firm guarantees no hidden fees as well as a broad range of services that you can choose from. We’re able to offer business setup packages that are transparent and the most competitive fees in the market.

  • Comprehensive support

Our mission is providing direction, most especially to those who are planning on establishing a business in a foreign jurisdiction. Regardless of how simple or complicated your needs are, the experienced team of FAR Consulting Middle East will help you do more than just create a business. As soon as your business has been incorporated in Israel successfully, you can talk to our specialists to provide you with a range of services that can help in the management of your new business.

To know more regarding the process of our team to help you set up a business in Israel, call us and book an initial consultation now!