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Starting Business Activity in Dubai, UAE

business activity in Dubai

Business setup consultants can assist you to launch three types of businesses that can be established in the UAE.

  1. Onshore Company
  2. LLC and
  3. Sole Establishment

Dubai Department of Economics is responsible for the registration of these types of companies and suitable for those who want to do business. In case you are interested in opening a shop, beauty salon, company dealing with building management, car renting, DED is the place to register yourself.

If you are interested in the mainland company, you should have arranged a local sponsor (UAE citizen), who will own 51% of your business as a silent partner or he will be a local agent, who will not own shares but will act as a gateway to the local market. Your type of business setup in Dubai will define whether you will need a partner or an agent.

The significance of a Local Mainland company

There will be no taxes and you will have direct access to the local UAE market. However, while different approvals required for particular activities but there will be no limitations on activities. Partners and shareholders also find it suitable to be a part of this kind of business setup. Coordination with government officials is way better easy in this kind of setup and opening a bank account required nominal documentation. As compared to free zone a large number of visas reissued and very fewer restrictions implemented on nationalities. No clause regarding Minimum capital implemented in this type of company set up from 2012

Free Zone Company in UAE

Dubai and neighboring states own over 20 Free Economic Zones. Selecting free zone will be selected according to business nature. These zones provide a career boost to professional experts from IT companies or marketing consultancies. Free Zones also very attracted to freelancers like creative and artistic– musicians, lifestyle trainers. There will be no sponsor or partner required in this kind of setup, you will own your company 100%. Restriction of leasing an office in the Free zone only and implementation of 5% import duty in case you are going to sell goods from the local UAE market. There will be 3 years visas for investors, related staff, and their family members. There will be no mainland labor rules. UAE has a fast-track document clearance process.

This kind of business setup will be perfect so those who want to trade in the international market and required to own UAE based registered company and checking account thanks to safety reasons, all activities will be performed virtually except for banking, finance, or insurance connected activities. You won’t be ready to have a workplace in UAE; however, you may have a corporation registered address (address of your Agent). You furthermore may be eligible for any visas. It can be considered a synonym of Offshore Company. Its basic purpose is to conduct international business of any kind. IBC is entitled to own a checking account in UAE. Shortly, if you would like a corporation in the tax-exempt jurisdiction and a checking account, IBC is for you. IBC will be incorporated by people or corporations. The supply of financial gain of IBC ought to be outside of the jurisdiction of its registration. They IBCs don’t seem to be eligible for visas

 Offshore cannot perform business in the UAE. Offshore cannot open workplace in UAE (they have a solely legal address in UAE)

The significance of Offshore Company

Financial Action Task Force (FATF) hasn’t declared UAE as tax heaven s it is not, you’re totally protected by the UAE law and do your business in a very legal approach by all international standards.

Various Offshore agreements with tax dominant authorities of various countries. It means the name and also the financial gain of the top beneficiaries doesn’t seem to be protected and should be disclosed by a call for participation from these Authorities. In UAE all the small print regarding shareholders and administrators of the IBCs area unit strictly confidential and can’t be disclosed by any request.

The company can have an official site in Dubai – which is now a worldwide center for conducting all kinds of business. IBCs will open bank accounts virtually in any bank of the UAE and have various accounts in several banks.


Types of UAE offshore companies

RAK Offshore Company: This type of International Business corporation is registered by the Ras Al Khaimah Trade Zone Authority.RAK Offshore best choice to conduct your international business in a safe and economically viable method. In RAK the status of your company will be considered as an International Company rather than “Offshore”, which frequently has a negative connotation for several government bodies and banks your legal address is going to be in the urban centre.

JAFZA offshore company: This type of offshore corporation is registered by the JAFZA Authority in Jebel Ali. The most advantage of getting a JAFZA offshore is that this sort of company will buy and hold property in the urban center. JAFZA Authority is found in shut proximity to the urban center; however, the worth for offshore company registration here reach up to 6000 USD.

Business setup consultants in UAE

We at Farahat & co can help you to start a business setup in Dubai.  We can guide and provide you with relevant documents. We have business-related financial, marketing experts at our panel. In case you have a business-related plan, feel free to share it with us.