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Difference Between Logo and Trademark

Difference Between Logo and Trademark in UAE

The difference between a logo and a trademark should be well understood when discussing branding and intellectual property rights in the United Arab Emirates.

Although the two terms are greatly used interchangeably, they are two diverse concepts with varied legal implications. Through this post, we try to look at the key differences between logos and trademarks in the UAE so that one might make better decisions regarding brand protection. 

What is a Logo? 

A logo is a symbolic or graphical expression of a company, its product, or its service. A logo brings a brand to life visually and helps customers distinguish it from the rest in the market. Logos can consist of text, images, or a combination of both.

Logos are the main reason behind the creation of a strong visual identity and the creation of a brand in recognition. It’s supposed to be a company’s face and usually appears on products, packages, advertising material, and other marketing collaterals.

Importance of Logos in the UAE

A rightly planned logo may become a very important asset for any company in the highly competitive business environment of the UAE. It will set a professional image, build trust with customers, and leave an impression. Further, a unique logo will help the brand gain recognition among its peers in the crowded market of UAE and be more easily remembered by customers.

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a legal term that describes a word, a phrase, a symbol, or a design making it possible to distinguish the goods and services offered by one company from that of another. Trademarks are intellectual property rights protected under the law, because no other person is allowed to use a similar mark, let alone an identical one, to an already existing trademark that may easily confuse a customer. 

In the UAE, trademarks are regulated through the Trademarks Law, which forms part of the Industrial Property Law. This essentially means trademarks within the UAE will be protected when they are appropriately registered by the business entities through the UAE Ministry of Economy.

Importance of Trademarks in UAE

A trademark registered in the UAE could become very important to a business since it secures protection against infringement and unauthorized use of one’s brand. It can save the reputation of a company, halt consumer confusion, and prevent competitors from taking an unfair advantage over the goodwill gained by a brand. Thirdly, trademark registration can give credibility and increase the value of a business for a customer, investor, or business partner. It will be instrumental in enabling expansion into new markets and geographies within the UAE and internationally.

Difference Between Logo and Trademark in UAE

The concepts of logos and trademarks, although different, relate to each other in many ways. A logo is most probably a visual representation of a trademark in most cases. On the other hand, all logos are not trademarks by default. Therefore, a trademark for the protection of the logo is obtained by businesses only through the formal process of registration with the UAE Ministry of Economy. Upon registration, the logo would become a legally protected trademark, where nobody else would have the right to use the said logo or any confusingly similar marks without permission.

Choosing a Protectable Logo and Trademark

Here are some of the most common factors to consider when thinking of a logo and trademark for your business in the UAE:

  1. Distinctiveness: A logo and trademark one opts for have to be unique enough to form an identity for the bearer and set it apart from other competitors in the market.
  2. Availability: Ensure thorough searches are made so that your desired logo and trademark are not in use or registered by any other person in the UAE or other jurisdictions.
  3. Descriptiveness: Avoid using logos or trademarks that are too descriptive or generic; such marks may not be legally registrable and protected.
  4. Timelessness: Consider a logo and trademark that transcend time and grow with the progress of your business. In fact, a protectable logo and trademark will help create a strong brand and legally defend your intellectual property in the UAE.


In fact, knowing the difference between logos and trademarks will help protect your brand and intellectual property rights. Logos represent your brand, while trademarks protect a brand from infringement and the use of the brand without permission. In this respect, protect your brand by registering your logo as a trademark and taking proactive steps to ensure that your brand is protected. Establish your company’s presence in the market and build trust among customers; all these will give you protection from legal disputes. A good logo and trademark registration are an investment that will pay off in the future for your brand to become successful and thriving in the UAE and beyond.

Protect Your Brand with Professional Trademark Help

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