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Benefits of Trademark Monitoring Services

trademark monitoring

While securing a mark that’s registered is a huge step towards looking down profit centers and developing a brand that is based on a design, slogan, name, or iconic color, registered trademarks aren’t foolproof.

Although the local government issues trademark registrations that are legally enforceable, they don’t actively seek infringers out and prosecute them for infringing on trademark rights as that is the job of the trademark holder. This is where the service, trademark monitoring service in UAE, comes in.

Benefits of Trademark Monitoring Services in UAE

  • Protect Against Increased Digitalization
  • Save Money on Costly Legal Proceedings 
  • Outsmart The Competition

Protect Against Increased Digitalization

Because of the rapid increase in digitalization and globalization, protecting intellectual property hasn’t been more necessary. With the economy being globalized, the likelihood of trademark infringement increases tremendously.

If you do a quick search on the internet, you’ll be able to generate tens of thousands of options that would’ve been unavailable in previous generations. This makes brand confusion more likely to occur. More and more small businesses are utilizing online marketing campaigns, allowing for a greater risk of overlapping in the market.

With a trademark monitoring service in UAE, you will get notified by experts whenever a third party attempts in utilizing your registered mark. You’ll also be prepared in defending your intellectual property against any threats.

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Save Money on Costly Legal Proceedings 

If you own a registered mark but have not acquired trademark monitoring in UAE, the likelihood of a similar mark getting registered unopposed increases. Had you filed opposition paperwork that was necessary, your business would have been able to protect its asset. In the event that a similar mark has already been registered as you have not opposed to its registration, your only options would be limited. You’ll either have to pay off your competition or move forward with very costly legal proceedings.

Both of your options are not only expensive but time-consuming as well. If you happen to own the rights of several different trademarks, make sure that you don’t leave certain marks with less value unprotected.

Just because a trademark is currently of low priority or in a market that’s less valuable doesn’t mean there is no chance for it to become a hot commodity. Protect all your marks with trademark monitoring in UAE.

Outsmart The Competition

If you’re already monitoring your trademarks, then that’s great! But, there is one more thing you need to know: you can also monitor your competitors’ filing activities!

With trademark monitoring in UAE, you’ll be able to know the new brands your competitors are working on most recently, the products that haven’t been released to the general public yet, and what your competition is doing in order to be ahead of the market.

By knowing what your competition is doing before the information is released to the general public will allow you to strategize better moving forward. You may have new ideas on what’s possible for the business you are running. Monitor trademark applications of your competitor and you’ll have a head start most companies can’t even imagine.

Trademark Monitoring Services in the UAE

Tapping into local and national databases, FAR Consulting Middle East analyzes potential offenders before delivering relevant reports. With our trademark monitoring service in UAE, you’ll be able to set the parameters of the search and protection you want so you don’t have to be bothered with all the extraneous results that don’t have any relevance. TO know more about the service, call us today!

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Should I hire a team for trademark monitoring in UAE?

You should hire a team for trademark monitoring in UAE if you want a hands-off role in the monitoring of trademarks. Apart from helping businesses with the process of the trademark registration application, trademark specialists in UAE can monitor the maintenance and renewal dates for trademark rights so there is no chance for you to lose your rights to your competition. With the help of experts, it could not be any easier for you to protect your trademark from potential infringement as you have trademark professionals on your side.

What is an essential component of trademark monitoring in UAE?

One of the most crucial processes of monitoring and protecting a trademark in the UAE is performing an industry search. With a comprehensive industry search, lists of relevant news sites, blogs, and publications are produced. This is to find any relevant information that has an impact on a mark’s status.

Is it possible to trademark anything in UAE?

The UAE government has set regulations regarding what can and can’t be trademarked in the country. Anything that is offensive, including pornographic images and swears words, can’t be registered. Words that describe services or goods also can’t be registered. An example is cotton. The word cotton can’t be trademarked for a cotton manufacturing company. To ensure you follow the local legislation, seek legal counsel.