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How to Verify the Uniqueness of Your Brand in UAE

trademark search dubai

Trademarks are words and symbols which businesses utilize in identifying themselves, including their unique goods and services. Prior to using a brand or trademark for your business, there is a need to be aware of marks or brands that are confusingly similar. If you are or will be using a mark to one that’s also registered, this can mean a lot of trouble from potential infringement. A trademark search in UAE will not only help in the creation of a much stronger brand but also help in avoiding trouble from picking a trademark that’s the same or similar to a registered trademark. 

Trademark Search in UAE 

If you start using a trademark for your business that’s similar to the one that’s of another business, then you won’t be successful in completing the process of trademark registration in UAE. More importantly, you’ll be at risk for attempting to infringe on the rights of a trademark holder.

A claim of trademark infringement in UAE can mean litigation that costs a lot of money while also taking a huge amount of time to resolve. In order to avoid a lawsuit, you’ll have to change the name of your business including the signs, labels, website, packaging, and also spend extra cash in marketing a brand-new identity. With a trademark search in UAE done prior to starting a business, you’ll be able to prevent time-consuming and expensive problems.  

If you plan on applying for UAE trademark registration, it’s most definitely a must to have a trademark search to increase the likelihood of your trademark registration application being granted by the Ministry of Economy. Among the many reasons wherein applications are rejected by authorities is the likelihood of confusion from a brand or mark that already exists. In such a case, there is a chance for two marks that are similar to confuse consumers as they are used for related products and services that the public may think came from a single source or provider. 

A trademark search service in UAE will look up all the similar marks that may be confused with one another. This will provide you with the chance in selecting a unique mark prior to spending thousands of dirhams on trademark application fees and in branding your product and service offerings. 

Trademark Registration Advantages

How to Conduct Trademark Search in UAE 

While it is relatively quick and easy for you to look for direct matches, a trademark search in UAE can become very complicated and it would be best to conduct a very thorough search. What you want is to unearth all the marks that are similar or the same as to the one you want and used on a relatively good or service. 

A mark may be similar without having to be exactly the same throughout. Names are considered similar when they sound or look alike. When checking trademark status, it’s best to lookout for alternate word endings and spellings apart from exact matches. 

We suggest you make a comprehensive list of the identical and similar marks and jot down also details on the kinds of products and services that the marks are registered in UAE for. Take note: searching for a trademark match that’s exactly alike can be easy for some. However, uncovering name variations as well as clever spelling variations would prove to be much harder. A design search is even more challenging! A trademark search in UAE that is conducted by professionals will help you in saving time and money. You will have complete results in comparison to what you will get with the DIY trademark search. 

Also, if your trademark search in UAE isn’t comprehensive but you have already uncovered a similar trademark that’s registered, there’ll be even more confusion! It would be difficult to be certain if the similarity can defeat an application for trademark registration in UAE or lead potentially to a claim of trademark infringement. In the event that you are absolutely confused or uncertain, we advise taking a consultation with a trademark specialist in UAE prior to investing your resources for trademarking.

Remember that a trademark search done without the help of experts can only uncover brands or marks that have been registered. You would not be able to uncover the marks that have been provided common law rights which can surely impact the ability of your business in using a mark within a particular jurisdiction. A more comprehensive search for a trademark will help you in finding the marks and make sure that you get confidence in using your mark.

We know you want to consult with trademark experts in UAE for a more in-depth discussion. Call us today here in FAR Consulting Middle East for a quick chat with our seasoned trademark specialists in UAE or to book a consultation!