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Requirements for Company Formation in International Humanitarian city (IHC)

company formation in IHC

International humanitarian city is dedicated to help a number of companies and International Undertakings to produce Humanitarian Services for masses on a worldwide basis. It is a self-governing authority constructed to empower the humanitarian projects initiated by UAE. IHC provides an adequate environment to foster partnership and social responsibility in a clear legal framework.

IHC is launched by government as an independent authority and is a non-religious, non-political, and non-profit organization that aims support humanitarian organizations and agencies in their mission to deliver assistance to people in distress.

What is the Eligibility to apply for a Trade license in IHC?

The basic criteria’s for obtaining trade license as set by the international humanities authority are:

  • It must be a non-governmental or nonprofit organization which is registered and incorporated in UAE or any other country
  • It must be a commercial company incorporated pursuant to the international hymeniderm city regulations.
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Basic requirements for Company formation in IHC

Below are some basic requirements to form a company in International humanitarian city Dubai are as follows

Fill the application

Any non-governmental organization or a nonprofit organization must apply by filing the application form and mentioning all the details into and submit the required documents to relevant authorities.

Obtain Lease agreement

The organization should apply and a obtain a valid lease agreement from the international humanitarian authority stating their purpose.

Deciding the name
  • No organization in IHC shall be registered with a name which in the opinion of the authority is undesirable.
  • It must not be identical to the name of an already existing organization.
  • The name must not contain words which is related to prominent local persons or connection with any governate authority.
  • Or any other name which the authority shall from time to time prescribe sensitive.
Mandatory requirements

For setting up business in IHC the companies required to follow a code of ethics based on humanitarian ideals. These companies are granted license for the purpose of providing services to the non-profit organizations. A simple guide for the code of ethics for commercial entities in IHC:

  • The company must adopt the humanitarian imperative
  • The companies must support international standards
  • The company must not [practice any discrimination
  • The company must embrace environmental and social responsibility
  • the company must not practice any form of discrimination against employee
Additional requirements
  • Term of the license is calculated form the date of issuance
  • It is mandatory for the organization to appoint a manger who shall be the principal representative and will represent the company in all the matters.
  • The humanitarian entity shall hold the nationality of their existing head quarters
  • Company must have a registered local address to which all the communication and notice may be addressed

Documents required for company formation in IHC:

Below mentioned are some of the documents required to form a company in ich

  • Proof of trade name reservation
  • Proof of initial approval
  • Lease agreement showing physical address of new company
  • Personal information of each shareholder

Cost for setting up business in international humanitarian city

Below mentioned are the estimated cost for setting up business in international humanitarian city

  • license fees
  • Incorporation fees
  • Trade name reservation fees
  • Initial approval fees

Benefits of company formation in International humanitarian city

  • World close infrastructure
  • Strategic geographical location
  • Complete foreign ownership
  • A cosmopolitan and an attractive living environment
  • Rapid disaster response
  • Increased visibility and also networking opportunities
  • Governmental support political stability

Business setup services in UAE

Setting up a business in international humanitarian city expands your organization global reach extending a helping hand to people in crisis in any part of the world. If you are looking forward to forming a business in IHC we at FAR consulting middle east can help you with company formation procedures. Contact us for further consultation.