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Top Advantages of Business Set up in Dubai Health Care City

advantages of business setup in DHCC

Dubai health Care City (DHCC) it is the only free zone dedicate to health care services in UAE. Dubai health Care City is dedicated to excellence in healthcare and patient care across multiple specialties and is constantly adding services to establish itself as the pioneer in healthcare. The entire services are delivered by healthcare professionals who follow international quality standards to provide the best medical help to the patients. Company formation in Dubai Health Care City follows a systematic procedure that investors are expected to follow for a well-ordered processing for business formation in Dubai.

Advantages of Business Setup in DHCC Free Zone:

Some of the main advantages for business setup in Dubai health care city are as follows:

  1. Access to network of health care professionals

One of the biggest advantages of Dubai health care city business setup is the large availability of skilled healthcare professionals who have tremendous amount of expertise and experience in carrying out specific tasks and are ready to take on a job of any complexity at a short notice. The availability of skilled medical professionals ensures that the client’s requirements are taken care of in the best possible manner.

  1. Availability of advanced medical technology

Technological developments in Dubai Health Care City have saved countless patients and are continuously improving the quality of life. Technology in the health care sector plays a pivotal role on nearly all processes and practices of healthcare professionals. Business setup in DHCC provides valuable data to clinical researchers, helping to advance in medical knowledge and the development of treatments for common health problems. A standardized health IT system can provide insights into how widespread an outbreak is, enabling preventative measures to be put in place much more quickly.

  1. Access to world class medical equipment

DHCC provides conventional diagnostic and treatment services of international standards in a highly equipped with modern outpatient facilities, surgical clinics, analytical and diagnostic laboratories, state-of-the-art surgical suites, and commercial offices. Additionally, it had various specialty hospitals, rehabilitation centers, physician offices, general hospitals, and ambulatory surgery centers. Business setup in Dubai health care city will give access to top notch medical equipment’s which can further help in providing better facilities to patients

  1. Multi-disciplinary health care hub

Business set up in Dubai health care city can provide the identity of a completely integrated health care hub. This community will comprise of the health care professionals from each field.

5. Availability/ access to medical institution

The Dubai health care city is a hub for medical institutions. They provide better developed service to the national and international students with various institutions from all over the world. These schools offer Continuing Medical Education (to healthcare professionals and also aims to build a world-class education and research infrastructure.

6. Offers private clinic license

Dubai health care city provides opportunities for many medical professionals to obtain private clinic license. To obtain health care license one secure relevant qualification and will be subject to the certification procedure in the UAE. All the document submitted must be fully certified at all levels by the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA).

Apart from above mentioned advantages some of the major privileges offered in Dubai Health Care City are:

  • Repatriation of profits and capital: this free zone allow foreign investors to transfer capital money back to their home country from UAE.
  • Foreign ownership: A foreign investor can fully own the business without local partner.
  • Corporate tax exemption: Companies within this free zone can enjoy zero tax on corporate income.
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