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In-Depth Look at Dubai’s Social Media Influencer License

Social Media Influencer License

The recent introduction of the Dubai social media influencer license is designed in making online advertising a lot more transparent and professional, not only for influencers and media companies but also for the consumers exposed to social media content and services. Changes brought forth in the industry make media content throughout the country responsible and balanced, allowing for the protection of the general public from harmful effects of false, negative, and/or dangerous advertising.  

The new regulations on licensing for social media influencers in Dubai and all of the United Arab Emirates require those who conduct commercial activity on social media in registering should they plan or wish to continue. The local regulations will only impact those who are getting paid for endorsements. Not all social media users are qualified for the license. Also, if you only get freebies, you won’t be required in acquiring a social media influencer license in Dubai. 

If you’re a blogger or social media user who solely gets gifts, products and/or experiences in exchange of brand coverage on any social media channel, you won’t have to obtain the social media influencer license in Dubai or be signed to any influencer agency in the country to operate.

Where can I get a social media influencer license in Dubai? 

In Dubai, to carry out commercial activities online, a social media influencer has to possess a valid license. There are two ways to get the license: 

  • Apply for a license with the Dubai Dept. of Economic Development with the help of business setup experts in Dubai
  • Get a social media license from a Dubai free zone offering a social media influencer licensing package with the help of professionals on business setup in Dubai

All social media influencers in Dubai that intend in being paid are to process the applicable license in order to avoid legal actions and a fine of AED 5,000. 

What is the difference between a trade license and a Dubai social media influencer license? 

A trade license in UAE is required by individuals and businesses in order to carry out various commercial activities in UAE. As per the National Media Council UAE’s directive, all influencers on social media will have to process their trade licenses prior to being considered as eligible in getting the special social media influencer license. The social media influencer license in Dubai will be the one to allow them in posting content that advertises brands on all social media channels accessible in the country. 

Is a Memorandum of Association required for social media influencers in UAE? 

Here are some points to remember in relation to processing your social media influencer license: 

  • There is no certificate of incorporation, partner list or memorandum of association issued or required for social media influencers; 
  • Social media influencer license is different from a trade license; 
  • Social media influencer licenses are for bloggers and influencers that reside in the UAE; 
  • Processing of the social media license and necessary trade licenses can be done with the assistance and guidance of professionals on business setup in UAE; 
  • The National Media Council of UAE filters the applicants of the social media influencer license prior to the license issuance; 
  • Social media influencer licenses in Dubai don’t entitle any visa eligibility for the license holders unlike trade licenses

What are the costs for a social media influencer license in Dubai? 

There are several fees involved in getting a Dubai influencer license and costs are subject to change as per the discretion of the local regulatory authorities. Fortunately, that is not to say obtaining the necessary licenses required of your profession is overly costly.  

Should you choose to seek the help of a team of experts on business setup in Dubai, the cost will already be a one-time fee, which starts at AED 15,000. Social media influencer licensing packages may already come with trade licenses and visa eligibility, depending on what each applicant needs. If you wish in adding the use of a co-working facility, the total cost can rise to AED 25,000.

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Who are eligible for a social media influencer license? 

Before you submit an application for your license, you need to make sure that you meet all of the eligibility criteria set by different local licensing authorities. Here are some of them: 

  • You must be a GCC or UAE citizen or resident
  • You are 25 years old or above (applicant below 25 has to submit written approval from legal guardians) 
  • Applicant must have a good reputation 
  • Not sentenced to any crime of honey or dishonesty, unless pardoned by a competent authority or rehabilitated
  • Scheduled in being paid for the whole duration of a license fee 
  • The applicant has to complete the entire application procedures or delegate officially the task onto professionals with a notarized memorandum

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