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How to Start a Company in Ajman Free Zone

Company formation in Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone is undoubtedly one of the known free zones there is in the UAE. There are a lot of benefits that it offers, and investors definitely put this zone in their lists when looking for a suitable location for their business.

Aside from its world-class infrastructure, facilities, and amenities, it does not stop its development to ensure that it meets the needs of its clients. Because of its strategic location that is at the entrance of the Persian Gulf, this free zone is in a good place to trade with the western and eastern markets. It is also easily accessible with Dubai and Sharjah’s ports and airports.

It also carries the 100% foreign ownership that free zones have. This is usually picked by investors because they wouldn’t need to have a local sponsor who will take up 51% of your business.


Benefits of Choosing Ajman Free Zone

  1. Quantities of Visas

The Ajman Free Zone has a good advantage that they provide to their clients as they offer businessmen packages that allow them to get more visas that they need for their employees. There are packages that let them have three visas and another with five visas.

There are also available packages that will give them the opportunity to use services that they would need for an office by choosing the flexible desk package.

  1. Cost-effectiveness (Ajman free zone company formation cost)

Whether an investor is after a big- or small-sized business, business setup in Ajman Free Zone is affordable. It is considered one of the most cost-effective zones in the UAE. This is why a lot of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are situated in this zone.

Businessmen with a small budget can take advantage of the inexpensive experience of cheapest company formation in UAE that they can get in the Ajman Free Zone.

  1. Smooth registration

One of the things that Ajman Free Zone offers is the fast and easy registration. This is advantageous because businessmen can easily start as soon as possible. With this, they would not waste more time waiting and start operating and trading.

  1. Corporate bank account

Companies in Ajman Free Zone are allowed to have corporate bank accounts, and they are assisted in doing so. Having their own bank accounts and having them opened in a swift manner can help them greatly in trading.

  1. Dependents

Ajman Free Zone allows investors to sponsor their family and employees alike. There are certain requirements that the authority sets for this kind of matter but once a businessman meets them all, it is easy enough to handle the process.

General Steps to Do in Business Setup in Ajman Free Zone

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The following is the usual things that are done in order to conduct a business setup in Ajman Free Zone:

Submitting necessary documents

There can be a number of authorities that businessmen would need to submit papers to. This depends on the nature of their business because some business activities would need approvals from concerned authorities.

Some investors tend to only submit the general documents and others that may be asked of them.

Choosing a business activity

This the first step because the type of license that a company gets usually depends on what the nature of the business is. This is why in choosing a location, it is also important to find out if they allow the business activity that your company operates.

Choosing a company name

Businessmen can choose a company by this time and submit the proposed company name along with backup company names in case their first choice is not available anymore. A chosen name can usually be reserved for a number of days until the businessmen pay the necessary fees.

Applying for visas

Of course, businessmen who will run their company in the UAE, even in the free zones, must have a residence visa to be able to stay here. They can apply for visas with the help of business setup consultants in UAE to ensure that they are taking the right procedures in doing so.

Opening a bank account

This usually happens in the last part before or during the start of the operation of a business. There are a lot of consultants of Ajman free zone company formation who are tied up with good banks in the UAE. With this, you can get benefits that your company needs even in its early stages.

Top Business Setup Consultants in UAE

FAR Consultants Middle East has been assisting in the business setup in Ajman Free Zone for many years now. We have 35 years of experience in our sleeves so we can provide you with the solutions that you need. You can contact us and book a free consultation today so we can refer you to one of our consultants for Ajman free zone company registration.