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How UAE chose 100 companies to get long term visas

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During a forum in Jordan, 100 companies were selected to get the long-term visas

A number of startups and other companies who are new in the UAE market can accommodate almost 50 per cent of job opportunities to the people whereas the companies who have been in the market for about 2 and a half years have been hiring 2 workers on average which in itself is a huge success.


Numerous reports have been revealed that huge job opportunities are generated by startups in the world. This has driven great economic growth and has helped the people get benefit from expansive job opportunities. This means that the young business setup in UAE is being preferred over others.

An initiative has been taken by the UAE Ministry of Economy for creating job opportunities. The AIM startup will be happening from 8th to 10th April 2019 in Dubai. It will take place with the Annual Investment Meeting. The theme at the meeting will be “Harnessing Global Digitization to Empower Startups and SMEs“.

It has been claimed by Chairman of the Organizing Committee of AIM Startup, Dawood Al Shezawi that due to the millions of startups being established in UAE, the quality of life will get improved for plenty of people. This will also decrease the unemployment rates.

Every year we see a number of people who come and join the labour forces in different parts of the world. Having the means to absorb all the people who come and join the labour force are badly needed. The startups are playing a huge role in order to eradicate the unemployment rates in the whole wide world.

We all need to stand up and take part in controlling unemployment globally. If not now then when? To keep up the growth of our markets, we need to bring u more and create opportunities for the people to play a part in the welfare of the world. Although there would come a lot of challenges in the way along still we need to keep ourselves firm with our aims and we will surely be able to meet all the requirements. Poor people who long for good jobs will be able to get what they want through these startups.

Research of HR Consultants

Research by the HR consultants has shown that there are a huge number of people who prefer doing jobs in the startups rather than that in the already established companies. This may be because of the fact that people see more chances of growth in the startups as compared to the companies who have been operating for a lot of years. The number of people who prefer to startups than other companies have reached 80 per cent.

Keeping up with the workers and letting them get benefit from the increased opportunities is a task itself. Assigning the right jobs to the right people as per their competencies is badly needed. At the AIM startup, people will get to handle the core issues of employment and business while letting them get the opportunity to meet the investors from all around the globe. This will surely be a great platform for start-up companies as they will be able to get more and more investors while increasing the chances of their growth and wellbeing.

Building relationships in the business sector is a need for sure. Expanding into the new markets and exploring better options would surely increase the chances of success of not only the companies but also the workers. This will go hand in hand with all the concerned parties.

Major investors, representatives, leaders and more will take part in the platform of startup companies while helping them grow and touch the heights of the sky.

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