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Sharjah Free Zones

Business Setup in Sharjah Free Zones

Sharjah free zone business setup enables business owners in taking advantage of strong infrastructure and a strategic location with easy access to warehouses, cargo airports, and seaports, providing a viable arena for all kinds of businesses.

Being a lucrative proposition for business expansion and economic prosperity, let the market-leading business consultants of FAR Consulting Middle East help you throughout the entire process of business setup in Sharjah’s free zones.

The firm leverages decades of experience in offering clients with professional business advisory and support, ensuring the process of Sharjah free zone business setup is optimized. Our business setup solutions are specifically designed in helping entrepreneurs and investors kickstart their businesses and move concepts forward.

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Reasons for Business Setup in Sharjah Free Zones

Some of the many reasons why more and more savvy business owners and investors opt to establish a business presence in the district are the following:

  • No income or corporate tax regime
  • Allows efficient logistics.
  • Freedom to repatriate 100% of a company or branch’s capital and profits
  • Foreign ownership (business can operate without UAE nationals as partners)
  • Availability of a range of facilities essential for business operations, including manufacturing units, industrial plots, single offices, and warehouses to name a few; and
  • Quick, reasonably priced licensing

Licenses in Sharjah Free Zones

In Sharjah’s free trade zones, there are a number of services that are allowed to be carried out, provided that businesses only conduct activities specified on their licenses. Our team of qualified business advisors offers guidance in securing the correct trade licenses, including the following:

  • Commercial or General Trading License – for this license, you are allowed to distribute, consolidate, store, warehouse, import, and export specified goods
  • Service License – this type of license allows the holder in carrying out services specified in the license issued by the governing body
  • Manufacturing or Industrial License – allows business establishments in assembling, processing, redesigning or repackaging locally made and imported goods

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Our Commitments

If you are planning of setting up a business in the free trade zones of Sharjah, including Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah Airport International Free Zone, U.S.A. Regional Trade Center (USARTC) Free Zone, Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone, and Sharjah Media City Free Zone, seek the help of our advisory team as they will ensure you understand and comply with the applicable laws, rules, and regulations throughout the business setup process.

FAR Consulting Middle East is an advisory firm that provides complete bespoke business setup solutions for SMEs and multinational conglomerates. With our inhouse team’s expertise, you need not worry about all aspects of company formation, including the preparation and submission of legal documentation, trade name registration, and operational assistance, as you’ll receive expert guidance all the way!

Contact us to book a no-obligation consultation with our qualified business setup advisors TODAY!

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