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Advantages of business setup in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)

Advantages of business setup in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ

Ajman free zone was established in the year 1988, which led to massive industrial development in UAE by engaging a great number of companies. Any business in Ajman free zone thrived with considerable ROI. Ajman also has another free zone, which is called Ajman Media City Free zone (AMCFZ). This latest free trade zone affects a range of licenses for new investors.,

The companies in any of the free zones of Ajman enjoys a number of advantages, such as:

Minimal customs duty for import/export

Businesses operating in Ajman free zone and Ajman Media City are exempted from payment of duties on imports and exports to and from countries that are not the part of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). However, if a business is exporting to or importing from a country that’s not part of GCC, THEN it has to pay some customs duty.

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100% foreign ownership for investors

As a free zone entity, a business isn’t required a local partner to incorporate a company and own 51% of its shares. A foreign investor can fully own the business and retain all the profits.

100% repatriation of capital

Both Ajman free zone allows foreign investors to transfer corporate money back to their home country from UAE.

Business setup fees can be paid in installments

The most attractive offer for Ajman free zone is the installment payment plan. It means that you can get your company registered by paying only part of the government fees at a time. It is really convenient for those who are looking at setting a business but does not have a massive budget. Ajman Free Zone Authority is the only free zone that has such a payment plan.

Low cost workforce

By operating in any of the free zones of Ajman, business owners can hire skilled workers for a very low-cost including labor cards. Additionally, labor laws are very much favorable for both the recruiter and the workforce.

Resident visa for investors and their families

Ajman free zone and Ajman Media City attract entrepreneurs and investors to set up businesses by allowing the issuance of residence visas to family members of employees.

Multiple licensing options and business setup packages.

The licensing options in the free zones of Ajman allow investors to conduct multiple business activities in line with their core business objectives and industry requirements. There are also multiple cost-effective packages available that available offer investors financial feasibility while finalizing their business plans.

Business setup in only 24 hours

A company can be formed in just 1 day. Personal visit of the owners is required for company setup, but the time required for the exact application process is less compared to free zones in other emirates. Also, business owners are only required to provide some basic documentation such as passport copies and business paperwork. The whole process is quick and easy for investors especially with the help of business setup consultants.

Business setup costs less.

Company formation in Ajman free zone is also attractive for investors and entrepreneurs for the reason that company registration and trade license processing cost less especially compared to other free zones in another emirate

Businesses enjoy exemption from Corporate tax

The UAE government imposes a corporate tax on oil companies and foreign banks only. Businesses registered in the Ajman Free Zone and Ajman Media City are exempted from corporate tax for a certain time period and this period can be extended.

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Business setup specialists in AFZ

Ajman Media City and Ajman Free Zone provide numerous investment opportunities and offer them the flexibility to select the business entity that fits the unique business needs and objectives of every business. Business setup consultants at FAR Consulting Middle East have the expertise and resources to help entrepreneurs realize their goals and address their needs. Call us today if you wish to start the process of business setup in Ajman free zone and Ajman Media City.