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Key Areas of PRO(Public Relations Officer)

Public Relations Officer

Ask any Middle Eastern veteran or even a newbie in the employment market, whether as an employer or employee, and he has, in all likelihood, engaged the services of a PRO in UAE at one point in his professional life or another. For those uninitiated in middle eastern speak, a PRO might be mistaken for an accomplished individual or a professional. But not in these parts. A PRO or Public Relations Officer is an infinitely more important entity, an indispensable part of an organization’s setup, an integral cog in the company wheel…in other words, he is the Government Liaison Officer. 

Picture this: You have a great idea, you’ve obtained the funds, you even have an expansive branding and marketing strategy planned down to the very last detail. Or maybe you want to fire up the laptop, and just get down to the business of business. 


But lo and behold. The forms that need filling. The fluff that needs fluffing. The noise that needs canceling. And the tottering piles of paperwork and documents that need processing. Await. Kind of gets in the way, doesn’t it?

And this is where a professional PRO service, pardon the pun, makes an entry. And just like that, you are now free to get down to your actual business. 

 Dedicated PRO companies in Dubai wear many hats, multi-task and basically take care of 4 key areas of your business and everyday life in the UAE:

Business Setup 

Whether yours is a new business just starting out, an established company branching out or an existing company altering its structure or status, a PRO provides end to end solutions. 

For a new business, a PRO can register the company and/or trade name, process an investor visa, obtain a new license, incorporate a business, process a Membership certificate for the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, obtain labor cards for employees, acquire an Establishment Card for both Labor and Immigration, and also register a P.O. Box. 

Existing companies can also benefit immensely from having a PRO on board. From renewing an Establishment Card, legalising change of Director, Manager, and Secretary, changing the company name, decreasing or increasing share capital and license renewal to converting the company status from a Branch to FZE or FZCo and renewal of employee labor cards, a PRO takes care of the mundane and red tape, leaving you free to attend to your business goals for the day.

And did we mention, corporate PRO services in Dubai also process documents required of the Dubai Health Authority. 

Employment Services 

For the majority of the UAE’s workforce that are employed by companies in the UAE, a PRO can assist by applying for a new residency visa or even canceling the same, applying for an Emirates ID, officially amending a salary certificate, applying for and renewing of the mandatory health insurance cards, legalizing a profession change and making a correction to an existing residence permit. 

Why PRO Services Should Be Sought by Business Owners

Visa Processing Services

A PRO can assist in the application of an individual’s entry permit into the country and subsequently changing their status in the event of the visitor obtaining employment. 

Other Services

And this is where we come to the humble Government Liaison Officer being the quintessential jack of all trades. Call it leisure time, breathing room or simply getting down to the business of living, most people would rather be breakfasting in Bastakia than filling out applications. Enter PRO companies in Dubai.

A PRO can make both a Driver’s license application and an online request of ‘good standing’, secure a ‘no objection’ letter and even obtain and process documents for a ‘True Certified Copy’. They can take care of vehicle registration, public notarization, document translation, and also the mandatory registration of a tenancy contract for the Land Department (Ejari). 

And can we please just address the elephant in the room: Attestation. A word that inspires dread and angst in even the most seasoned form fillers and application makers. PROs are covering the gamut of attestation services from government entities such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Economy, and the various embassies. 

The Icing on the Cake

Living in the UAE can be a rewarding experience. From the fairly upscale standard of living to the great weather (for the most part anyway) and the cosmopolitan culture, it ticks all the boxes. But as in all things almost perfect, there is one exception. And in the UAE, it comes in the form of mercurial governmental rules and regulations. Fluid and fluctuating, a layman would be hard pressed to keep up with them. Enter PRO services in Dubai, With their fingers on the pulse, PROs take into advisement the latest from the authorities so you don’t have to.  

When all is said and done, having dedicated professionals taking care of the back end of the business can mean more time and energy for you to get down to the business end of things. Now isn’t that life…