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Setting Up a Free Zone Media and Publishing Company

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A great number of media free zones are present in the UAE. All of them can help you in making a decision regarding your business location. If one location suits you the best, choose it but do think about it from all aspects. For the sake of setting up a free zone media and publishing company with ease a maximum benefit, one must take proper assistance from the professional business setup in UAE consultants.

There are a certain set of procedures that are to be carried out by the people for the business set up in UAE free zone. These procedures include that of determining the type of legal entity, trade name, license and so much more.

FAR Consultants are so much experienced in this particular field and has been operating since quite a long time for you all. The services they offer are the best in their own kind as they ensure the business setups as per the rules and regulations in the UAE.

Find out more about setting up a free zone media and publishing company in UAE right here.

Choose the Media Free Zone In UAE

The following below are three media free zones in UAE that you can choose from to establish your business in.

1. TwoFour54

TwoFour54 is located in Abu Dhabi which is the capital of UAE as well. You might have got appealed by the name of this free zone. Well, this free zone got its name from the geographical coordinates of Abu Dhabi which are 24° North, 54° East

There are a great number of businesses that are present in TwoFour54. Company Formation in Abu Dhabi twofour54 Free Zone can enjoy a lot of benefits because of the great authorities behind this zone. The services provided are the best just like other benefits. The infrastructure is also made right according to serve the businesses in the best manner.

2. Shams Free Zone

Shams Free Zone is also known as Sharjah Media City and it was established in January 2017. Media businesses can gain a lot of growth in this media free zone present in Sharjah.

3. Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City was established in 2000. For the sake of helping the media sector of the country, the government came up with this free zone. Dubai Media City Free Zone (DMC) is part of the TECOM Group that is part of Dubai Holding.

Apart from a Dubai Media City, there are the following new Media, Creativity and Production Free Zones established In Dubai to provide more options to media, creativity and printing business investors. There are more than 1,300 companies situated in this free zone in the current time. Business setup in Dubai Media City Every kind of media business is allowed to be established in DMC.

This is also home to big companies and organizations, like CNN, CNBC, Reuters, MBC, Sony, etc.

4. Dubai Studio City

5.Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone

6. Dubai Production City (DPC) formerly known as International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

7. RAK Media Free zone

Established in 2006 and growing faster as a competitor of Dubai Media City due to comparatively lesser cost of living in Ras Al Khaimah than in Dubai.

8. Ajman Media City

The latest addition among the media free zones offering affordable packages with handsome benefits to help creative businesses grow. The affordable cost of living in Ajman compared to Abu Dhabi and Dubai is attracting a lot of media and creative companies towards Ajman Media City.

9. Fujairah Creative City– FCC

A government-owned Free Zone for Media companies offering very economical Fujairah creative city free zone cost packages.

Steps to Set Up A Business in Free Zone Media and Publishing Company

There is a specific process that is to be followed for a business set up in Free Zone Media and Publishing Company. It might seem easy in the start but these steps might confuse you so it would be better if you take the legal assistance from the legal consultants in UAE for the business set up in this particular zone.

  • Choose the type of legal entity
  • Choose the brand name or trade name
  • Acquire the business license
  • Check the best suitable office space
  • Ask for approvals and pre-approvals

Type of Legal Entity

First of all, select the legal entity of your business. Here are the legal entities you can choose from for your media business;

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC) or Free Zone Company (FZCo)
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

The main difference lies in the number of shareholders who will get registered under the company’s name. Note that the shareholders can be both business entities or individuals themselves.

Brand or Trade Name

Make sure that your trade name stands out others. You should invest more time in deciding your business name because it will play a huge role in the success of your business. Also, you should first note whether the name you want to select for your business is permittable or not. You can get it done checked by the help of different free zone authorities. This is because there are certain names that are not allowed in certain free zones

For instance; you cannot use the word “Abu Dhabi’’ or “UAE” in your business in twofour54 free zone.

Type of Business Activity

You should ask for the license right according to your business activities. So, before registering your business in any of the free zones, select the business activity for checking whether your business activity is permissible or not.

Get Pre-Approvals, Register Your Business for Your License

Take the approvals from the concerned which will be dependent on your business activities.

Choose Office Space

You can get the office space on the lease too. The office space is basically required for accommodating the employees and other business activities.

Business setup services in UAE

Do not risk your business and take the services of the best legal consultants in UAE. They will guide you throughout your business set up the journey and will let you stand out in a crowd of thousands. This international firm has the capability of helping you in setting up your own media business in one of the best media favourable free zones.