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Steps to Set Up Business in Ajman Free Zone

business set up in ajaman freezone

Company Formation in Ajman Free Zone 

Ajman free zone, being the most rapidly developing free zone, is situated at the coast of Arabian Gulf. Due to its strategic location, it has a number of benefits associated with itself.  Because of its location, it is an ideal place to serve both the western as well as the eastern markets.

There is a lot to say about its location because it gives the companies access to a number of states and international airports as well. All of these and many other qualities make it a very good choice for company formation in Ajman.

Different free zones in the UAE are governed by different authorities. The free zones operate under the rules and regulations of these authorities. These authorities have different procedures and requirements which the businesses must follow for setting up.


How to Set Up A Business in Ajman Free Zone?

There is no doubt in the fact that Ajman free zone is a very ideal location for setting up a business. It has really iconic destinations which make it a better choice for those looking for quality facilities in the UAE. All these good quality facilitations have already gathered a number of businessmen to form their companies in Ajman free zone.

Before you go for company formation in Ajman free zone, you must keep a set of things in mind.  These would prove to be very helpful for the business when taking certain decisions for the company.

Get all the documents and approvals

Acquire all the approvals and documents that are required depending on the business activity that you want to conduct. You must have the supportive documents readily available to acquire all approvals.

Apply for registration processes

Registering your business is equally important for you or else you wouldn’t be allowed to carry out your business activities and run your business. The registration will get you a trade license to operate as an Ajman free zone business and claim associated benefits. Ajman free zone also offers multi trading activities option under a single license. Along with the registration, you may also acquire working space depending on your business need.

Apply for visa

Visa application process might be time taking. It would be better if you do it on a priority basis. In Ajman free zone, an investor can get 3 years investor visa.  Get yourself a visa and you are all set to run an Ajman free zone company.

These steps might look very easy but there is more to it in the details. When preparing the business plan and documents, you will need to take some decisions. These decisions will fulfill your requirements for a company set up as you will need to decide what form of a company set up you need among the available options that can fulfill your business requirements. Form of a company defines the legal company structures that you can establish in Ajman free zone.

Legal structure establishment

There are 4 different legal entities to choose from which includes;

  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)
  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC)
  • Branch of a Foreign Company
  • Branch of a Local Company

Company name decision 

Name of the company matters a lot. Your company name should be colliding with the business functions that you would provide. This will have a great impact on your business. To get a business license, you must first determine your company name. Make sure the company name you choose is unique.

Top 5 Things You Need to Now About Ajman Free Zone

Advantages of company formation in Ajman Free Zone

There are great advantages of setting up a business in Ajman free zone. The low costs of company formation and running a business is another factor besides its location which benefits businessmen in Ajman

Here are some of the benefits companies in Ajman free zone enjoys;


Tax exemption

No Custom duty and income tax.

100% Ownership

Companies would be able to enjoy 100% ownership without the need of a local sponsor.

Capitals and profits repatriation

Companies would be provided with 100% repatriation of capital and profits.

Low labor cost

Easy availability of labor reduces the labor cost.

Business-friendly laws

The laws have been made while keeping the businesses above all. This is the reason why businessmen find it very easy to invest and work here.

No currency restrictions

To a restriction on the use of currency type in the trade business.

Leasing options

20 years leasing options available that can be renewed to the next 20 years.

Energy supply

Very cost-effective energy supplies are available.

If you want the best for your business, you must set it up in Ajman free zone. There is so much you can get benefit from in Ajman free zone.

FAR Consulting Middle East

You can start your business any time in Ajman free zone buy taking our help. We would help you right from the start and will help you to form your business right from scratch. From opening a bank account to registering your business, we would be there for you for fulfilling all the legal requirements.

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