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Abu Dhabi Free Zones Business Setup Comparisons

company formation in abu dhabi free zone

As many already know, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). But this is only second to Dubai for being the most populated one.


Many Opportunities to Enjoy

There are many free zones in Abu Dhabi that can cater to what kind of industry a businessman is looking to establish in. Abu Dhabi is full of opportunities and is always open for investors and businessmen to venture in.


Emirate that Continuous to Cultivate

It has a high Gross Domestic Income (GDP) and per capita income, making it a rich Emirate. It continues to improve, having economic diversity with different industries and investors from different countries.


What are the Free Zones in Abu Dhabi?

Every UAE emirate has its own free zone, boosting its economy with its own benefits to boot. It drives foreign investment into the country even more with the help of these zones.

In Abu Dhabi, there are several free zones that it holds:

    • Twofour54 Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC) Free Zone
    • Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone (ADAFZ)
    • Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones (ZonesCorp)
    • Masdar City Free Zone
    • Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD), Click here to find more about #kizadbusinessweek
    • Industrial City of Abu Dhabi
  • Abu Dhabi Global Markets Free Zone (ADGMFZ)

Why Should You Conduct a Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Free Zones?

Abu Dhabi free zones do not only provide opportunities to businessmen but also let them enjoy a list of benefits. Aside from free zone benefits that most people already know about, Abu Dhabi free zones have their distinctive benefits as well that invite businessmen to their location.

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Full repatriation of profits and capital
  • Exemption from taxes on personal or corporate income
  • Exemption from import and export customs duty for goods and services
  • Pre-built advanced infrastructure
  • Business cluster environment (companies in the same industries share a work campus)
  • A business-friendly environment with the simplified company incorporation process
  • Business-friendly legal framework and company laws
  • Fast immigration process and quick access to skilled professionals
  • The one-window operation for a wide range of government services like visa formalities, traffic, residential permits, licensing, and postal services

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Four Easy Steps in Setting Up a Business in Abu Dhabi Free Zones

There is always a process in everything. When it comes to business setup in Abu Dhabi, there is also a process. The following is a list of general steps that are taken when one wants to venture in a business set up in Abu Dhabi:

  1. Type of Business Activity—Before anything else, the type of business activity should be determined first to ensure which free zone in Abu Dhabi best suits your company. Each activity requires certain documentation or papers. This is why it is important to be determined first.
  2. Trade Name—A list of suggested names should be given to the concerned authority. The first choice and so on will be checked and approved if nobody else registered for the same name. It will be then formally registered as the trade name of your company.
  3. Free Zone Authority Approvals—There are certain approvals that should be obtained by an applicant for issuance of the business license. Different license and business activities may affect the certain approvals they may be required by the authority concerned.
  4. License—When approvals are obtained from the involved authorities, legal requirements will then be needed to be fulfilled for the issuance of the business license.

It is best noted that business setup consultants in Abu Dhabi are available for you to reach out to for smoother processing of your business set up in Abu Dhabi airport free zones.

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Required Documents for Business Setup in Abu Dhabi Free Zones

The general requirements that Abu Dhabi free zone asks from applicants are the following below:

  • Completed company application form
  • Shareholders’ passport copies
  • Passport-sized photographs (white background)
  • 2-3 suggested the names of the new company
  • Specifications of the business activity
  • Number of visas required
  • Two proofs of address (within 3 months)
  • Bank or professional reference letter
  • A CV (resume) or summary of professional history (for freelance license)

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Leading Business Setup Consultants in Abu Dhabi Free Zones

Whether you want to have a company formation in ZonesCorp Free Zone or the airport free zone in the said Emirate, FAR Consultants can help you in this venture. FAR consulting ME help you in the business set up like other free zone companies in Abu Dhabi.

Because of our 35-years experience, we know the ins and outs of business set up in Abu Dhabi and in the rest of the country. These procedures are better to be given to experts like us to do on your behalf. In this way, you will only need to wait for your license to start operating.

Our doors are always open for you to discuss your concerns and plans with regard to business setup in Abu Dhabi free zones. Let us help you today.